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Cloud lesson | explain in detail how Huawei cloud exclusive load balancing charges

2021-08-29 06:35:07 Huawei cloud developer community

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Abstract : Huawei cloud exclusive load balancing , Realize the exclusive sharing of instance resources of multiple specifications , Not only provide reliable performance reporting , And support IPv6 Double stack , Flexible deployment of multiple availability zones . During the free public beta , Welcomed and praised by the majority of users .

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since 2021 year 4 month 1 The date of , The elastic load balancing exclusive instance can be used in different environments Region Start charging in batches .

This paper will focus on the billing issues that users pay more attention to , Introduce in detail how Huawei cloud exclusive load balancing charges .

Exclusive ELB What is your billing model ?

Exclusive load balancing currently supports on-demand billing mode .

On demand here , Popular speaking , It means that the user combines the actual business situation , Yes ELB Example specifications 、 Use time and other requirements , What specific reference indicators will be involved , Please read on .

Exclusive ELB What are the charges for ?

Pay Service , Also called billing item , It means that the user uses ELB What fees do you have to pay .

Exclusive ELB The billing items include instance fees and LCU The cost is twofold .

  • Example fee , According to the actual usage time of the user's exclusive instance ( Accurate to seconds ) charging .
  • LCU cost ,LCU(Loadbalancer Capacity Unit) It's used to measure exclusive ELB An indicator of the capacity to handle traffic , The more processing power ,LCU The higher the cost .

It includes the following contents :

A simple example , Many of us use mobile phones to answer and make calls 、 Surfing the Internet and so on , The monthly rental fee of mobile phone card is like ELB Instance cost of ; The cost of mobile phone package is equivalent to LCU cost , The call duration in the mobile phone package 、 Number of SMS messages 、 Internet traffic is equivalent to LCU Number of new connections 、 Concurrent ( Maximum ) The number of connections 、 Number of queries per second and other indicators .

Exclusive ELB What is the charging standard of the billing item ?

  • Example fee ,ELB Example unit price :0 element / Hours .

Free of charge ?Yes! The feeling of free monthly rent of mobile phone package ~

  • LCU cost ,LCU The unit price :0.0417 element / Hours · individual .

What do you mean ?

What I said earlier is a little abstruse , I still don't understand LCU What is it ?

There's still a ball of wool in my head , How do I know how many I need to buy LCU Well ?

Simply speaking , Different instance specifications correspond to different packages , Different packages are converted into different LCU Count . In other words, different instance specifications are converted into different LCU Count . For example, in the following table , Network type “ small I” Example specification conversion LCU The number of 10.

The current exclusive instance provides four-tier package and seven tier package , The two packages can be superimposed , According to different business scenarios , Choose a package suitable for your business .

Please refer to the following table for details “ Conversion LCU Count ( individual /AZ)” Column .

Exclusive ELB How to calculate the cost of ?

So much has been said , Next, let's talk about exclusive ELB How to calculate the cost of the instance .

Billing formula :ELB cost = Example fee +LCU cost

  • Example fee ( element )= Example unit price ( element / Hours )* Use time ( Hours )
  • LCU cost ( element )=LCU The unit price ( element / Hours · individual ) * LCU Number ( individual )* Use time ( Hours )

Focus on : Package conversion LCU Count , In a single AZ in , be based on LCU Different indicators of are converted into different quantities of LCU. therefore , If you choose more AZ when , LCU Number = Package conversion LCU Count *AZ Count

Suppose you choose four layers “ small I”(10 LCU) Package and seven layers “ small II”(20 LCU) Package , And in two AZ An exclusive load balancing instance is deployed .

So your exclusive ELB Case use 24 The cost per hour is :0 element +60.048 element =60.048 element

In particular

(1) If the user created ELB The instance is bound to the public network IP, Will charge the public network IP And the public network IP The bandwidth cost .

(2) Elastic public network IP For billing information, please log in to Huawei cloud official website to view the elastic public network IP Product price details .

Buy exclusive ELB example , stay 3 individual AZ Multiple live deployment exclusive load balancing instances , Select the fourth floor “ medium II” Bandwidth packet and layer 7 “ large I” Bandwidth packets , And bind the 1000Mbit/s Elastic public network with bandwidth on demand and bandwidth billing IP. Use 24 How much is the hourly fee ?

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