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Use the table in Vue element admin in Vue admin template?

2022-04-29 05:22:03CSDN Q & A

The phenomenon and background of the problem

stay vue-admin-template Use in vue-element-admin Medium Complex Table modular , There is 404 Not Found error , The prompt should be that there is a problem in the request for table data . So I would like to ask you for help to see what the problem is .

Operation results and error reporting contents

This is a vue-element-admin Medium Complex Table modular , In normal use .


This is my in vue-admin-template References and problems in .


My solution ideas and tried methods

In module use , I also copied and pasted the relevant documents of this module in the appropriate position , At the same time, the code import The module was checked , No abnormality was found , But this error should be a table data request error , Lead to Not Found.

What I want to achieve

Hope to achieve and vue-element-admin The same effect as this module in , In the later stage, I am modifying according to the functions required by my system .

Take the answer :

Since there is an error in the data request , It would be 2 Kind of solution
1. If no one provides an interface, it can only be local mock Data.
2. If the back-end provides an interface, you can adjust the interface

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