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Webengine loading local html is invalid, and html is the dynamic address generated by JS, which can be solved

2022-04-29 12:37:23CSDN Q & A

The phenomenon and background of the problem

Realize the demand : Will local html File by webengine Output on software ( Software means pyqt5-designer Designed pages , Just learned don't know how to say don't spray )
platform MacOS and win Both platforms have tried , direct load(‘svgaPage.html’) None of the local files are valid
I dare not say the whole network , At least it's stuck 3 God , No less than 1000 A solution , Still not solved ( There may be a solution, but I don't understand , So it's troublesome to post specially )

After testing, the local html Open it with a browser , Copy the address in the browser to be effective , Can successfully output ; Prove that the source code is OK ; But the actual situation is that the address is dynamic after packaging , It's the tail ?html=1x3jk Such , Randomly generated ; So I can't use it correctly .

My guess is webengine There is no call JS, But for beginners, one , I'm not sure , I've been searching like a headless fly for a long time .

structure : All in the root directory


<html>        <script src="[email protected]/build/svga.min.js"></script>        <script src="//,jszip-utils.min.js" charset="utf-8"></script>        <script src="./SVGAPlayer/build/svga.min.js">import SVGA from 'svgaplayerweb'</script>        <div id="demoCanvas" style="width: 100%;height: 100%;background-color: chartreuse"></div>                <script> var player = new SVGA.Player('#demoCanvas'); var parser = new SVGA.Parser('#demoCanvas'); //  If you need support  IE6+, Then you must pass the same selector to  Parser. parser.load('./fansCrad/fans.svga', function(videoItem) { // Here we begin to control  player.loops = 1; // cycles  player.clearsAfterStop = true; // Whether to clear the content after playing  player.setVideoItem(videoItem); // Need to get load Return parameters to take effect ( I don't know what it means for the moment ) player.startAnimation(); // Start playing  // player.pauseAnimation();  Pause play  // player.stopAnimation();  Stop playing  // player.onFrame();  What frame is currently playing , Adjust according to business  }) </script>        </html>


    def showSvga(self):         #http://localhost:63342/live_tools/svgaPage.html?_ijt=kt3p2cblbp8000nrtnfevsilmb&_ij_reload=RELOAD_ON_SAVE【 This link goes directly into QUrl If so, it will take effect , But it's actually a dynamic address , I can't just write it in like this 】        self.videoEngine.load(QUrl(r"./fansCrad/fans.svga"))          self.horizontalLayout.addWidget(self.videoEngine)   # Put code components into layout Layers     # This seems to be OK 
Operation results and error reporting contents

layout The layer changes from transparent to white , The description should be in the past ; But the web content doesn't show at all ; No error content

My solution ideas and tried methods

Because directly speaking, the browser address is copied to url It can be opened , So basically, it can be said that there is no problem with the code ; It should be on this dynamic address .

What I want to achieve

I learned that one way seems to be called reverse compilation ? Does this mean to js The address of content generation is reversed to form a code state that can be used for QURL? I don't understand much .

The solutions I can think of at present are 2 individual ;
1、 Use the server , So you have the address ( But it's really unnecessary ; Just a small program ; And this is not the root of the problem ; There is still no local implementation )
2、 stay main Write directly in the code js?? I don't know if this can be achieved ; After reading a lot of fragmented code, it is incomplete ; So it's hard to understand .

If a friend can help , I hope it can be as complete and popular as possible ( Manual than heart ); by the way , I use it python3 Page is qt-designer The design of the

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