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With the blessing of tinnove system, Changan uni-v does not have its own table

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TINNOVE OS 3.0 What is the system ?

2018 year 7 month , Tencent split the Internet of vehicles operating system and technology base business , establish “ Wutong chelian Technology Co., Ltd ”. Relying on Tencent in artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Professional ability in travel ecology and other fields , Wutong car service seems to have natural advantages . meanwhile , Wutong car service has also become the industrial Internet of Tencent , Layout “ New infrastructure ”, It is an important open platform to help traditional automobile enterprises in their digital transformation .

Traditional car companies lack Software 、 big data 、 The ability of cloud and deep docking with the big Ecology , serious influence C Improve the driving experience of end users . So , Wutong car United research and Development Co., Ltd. issued TINNOVE Intelligent system , Based on the ecology of Tencent's nine heads , Integrate multiple mainstream Internet service ecosystems , Provides a large number of star applications . Since its launch ,TINNOVE After several major iterations and upgrades , Successively in Chang'an CS75 PLUS、 changan UNI-T And other models to achieve mass production and loading , This time, it will also be carried in changan UNI-V( picture | To configure | inquiry ).

2020 year 11 month , Wutong car service launched a brand new TINNOVE 3.0 Solution , And creatively provide... To the whole industry TINNOVE OpenOS Operating system technology base , Become the first open source intelligent network connected vehicle operating system for the whole industry “ Technology base ”. This system is positioned as an ecological connection system , The system capability is comprehensive and powerful , At the same time, it also relies on the advantages of Tencent's ecological sinking and modular supply form , Car companies can more flexibly build exclusive car entertainment systems , At the same time, this reduces the optimization cost of vehicle machine system for vehicle enterprises , Chang'an Automobile also adopts the technological achievements made by Tencent in big data and cloud platform on a large scale .

Next, we will introduce the technologies used in three intelligent mode switching and two navigation modes .

First ,TINNOVE OS 3.0 Built in three system modes : Child mode 、 Private mode and family mode .AI The engine will depend on the number of passengers 、 Passenger age 、 Navigation destination and other information , Comprehensively judge and prompt the driver to switch to the corresponding mode .

Child mode

When AI When the engine judges that there are children among the passengers , The driver will be prompted to switch to child mode . In children's mode , Will minimize transactions and information alerts , And the holographic voice pet function can be turned on at the same time .

Holographic voice pet is Tencent TAR A virtual image application driven by augmented reality engine , Use naked eyes 3D technology , It can realize intelligent voice dialogue and other functions in vehicle environment AR Interactive look and feel , And have the experience of nurturing games .

The chat function of holographic voice pet is a collection of NLP Engine capability 、 Data operation ability and the support of hundreds of billions of internet corpus data , At the same time, it integrates a wide range of Knowledge Q & A capabilities , Various custom attribute configurations can be realized , And men 、 Women's different language styles and ways of speaking , So as to make the chat more wise 、 Simple and interesting .

Holographic voice pet chat function , Based on child voice recognition 、 The basic ability of voiceprint recognition , Be able to reply appropriate content to different objects . This function is based on big data and knowledge map , Erudite and cover more unpopular knowledge , Stimulate children's interest in exploring knowledge . The personalized voice package can be flexibly set to the voice of children's favorite animation or characters , So as to make the chat more wise 、 Simple and interesting .

Private mode

In the scenario of single person travel ,TINNOVE OS Switch to private mode . With the help of a new AI Scene engine TINNOVE OS Can actively discover the needs of users , Perceive the scene at the end of the vehicle , Provide continuity for users 、 Personalized functions and services . according to the understanding of , This mode will be based on the driver's driving habits and scene requirements , Provide personalized work 、 life 、 Entertainment and other scene auxiliary functions .

In this scenario , Tencent small scene through the car HMI Presentation and interaction framework , It can realize active wake-up based on voice and scene . As a cloud lightweight application framework , Tencent small scene is open to all developers , The development is relatively simple , Less pressure on hardware and systems , Strong iterative ability and system scalability .

In the work scene , The system will start AI assistant , And equipped with “5G Office suite ”.AI The assistant will automatically open the meeting schedule , Calculate the time required to reach the destination according to , Automatically push the corresponding schedule reminder and scene function recommendation , Share the actual road conditions 、 Videoconferencing 、 Book coffee, etc . meanwhile , In private mode, it can also automatically push holograms FM And other entertainment functions . In the off-duty scene , The system will focus on pushing life 、 entertainment 、 Social functions , Such as multi person real-time location sharing 、 Restaurant information ( Wait 、 Parking space ) Query etc. .

Family mode

Family mode is mainly used in self driving scenes . Self driving tour scenario ,TINNOVE OS Mobile communication technology will be used 、 Intelligent terminal device 、 Cloud computing 、 Internet of things and other technical means to realize the concept of smart travel . After entering the self driving tour scene , The self driving navigation mode will be turned on , And based on the POI Carry out special service distribution and recommendation . Smart travel services include : Recommended route 、 Custom maps 、 Car social 、 Little scene 、 Intelligent voice and other products and capabilities .

Turn on “ Passenger assistance ” function , The co pilot will become the main object of system interaction . Under this function , The co pilot is the pilot , It can help drivers choose routes and nodes along the way at any time ; And can achieve “ Multi car interaction ”, Add team mates to the navigator console , Instant communication with teammates , Real time location synchronization . Besides , Home mode can also provide intelligent generation of travel recording video 、AR Intelligent guide broadcast 、 Real time weather forecast 、MR Virtual graffiti game 、 Holographic music and other social / Entertainment functions .

Besides , Relying on Tencent AI lab Intelligent voice interaction 、 Personalized recommendation and scenario based distribution capabilities and Tencent cloud TCE Data support , The system can be based on the destination 、 Different navigation routes , Combined with previous driving habits and travel data , Determine the travel route as “ Familiar road ” and “ Way of life ”, The navigation system will also switch to the corresponding “ Familiar mode ” and “ Survival mode ”.

stay “ Familiar mode ” Next , The system will simplify the navigation process for familiar route setting . stay “ Survival mode ” Next , The navigation system gives more information tips , Excellent dynamic graphics and visual effects AE The map can find the destination more intuitively , And quickly provide surrounding parking information .

Let's see what the shadow leopard carries ADiGO( Intelligent driving interconnection ) The ecological system , This system is led by GAC , tencent 、 Huawei and other strategic partners support independent research and development .ADiGO The whole system UI Prefer flat design , The function division is clear , There is no difficulty in getting started , The system background supports customization , The notification and shortcut function bar opens by sliding .

The shadow leopard carries ADiGO( Intelligent driving interconnection ) The ecosystem integrates powerful “ The app store ”, Any software you want can be downloaded , Software enriches , The functions become diversified naturally .

similarly , Thanks to the deep cooperation with Tencent , The source of online music and radio is QQ Music and penguins FM, Officials claim to have more than 1700 Million genuine music and 20 ten thousand + Number of stations , Can meet daily needs .

At the end

Whether it's Chang'an TINNOVE OS Trumpchi ADiGO System , In terms of car engine system , The deep joint research and development between traditional automobile enterprises and Internet enterprises is just like the general trend , This is undoubtedly a shortcut to make up for the weaknesses of traditional car enterprises compared with the new forces of car making .TINNOVE OS Through the integration of Tencent's ecological resources , With the accumulation of a large number of vehicle and user data , Continuously improve the ability of scene based intelligent service recommendation . thus it can be seen ,TINNOVE OS 3.0 Use big data and cloud data to output a complete set of Internet of vehicles solutions to drivers from a global perspective , Compared with the past, manual adjustment of single functions is a major progress in the development of Internet of vehicles technology , Make the car more intelligent in terms of technical architecture . Since its launch ,TINNOVE It has also undergone several major iterations and upgrades , Successively in Chang'an CS75 PLUS、 changan UNI-T And other models to achieve mass production and loading , It will also be carried in Chang'an this time UNI-V, Performance remains to be seen .

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