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Great Wall Motors is falling endlessly! The boss has lost 150 billion yuan in half a year, and the performance of the new energy sector has improved

2022-04-29 06:50:30Understand chedi Auto Information

4 month 25 Japan , With A Stocks and auto stocks fell sharply , Great Wall Motor's share price also refreshed again “ Lower limit ”.

Closing date , Great Wall Motors plunged 7.31%, newspaper 22.58 element / stocks , And hit a new low in more than a year , The total market value is only 2085 One hundred million yuan . From last year 10 The high point of the month 69.8 element / Count the shares , Great Wall Motors plunged in half a year 68%, Market value evaporated 4360 One hundred million yuan , And make the shareholding 34.5% Actual controller Wei Jianjun , Loss 1500 Billion Holdings .

actually , It's just 4 month 22 Sunday night , Great Wall Motors just announced 2022 The first quarter report of , While achieving revenue 336.19 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 8.04%; But the net profit attributable to the parent company 16.34 One hundred million yuan , fell 0.34%. It is worth noting that , In the non recurring profit and loss of Great Wall Motors , There's another stroke 8 Billion government subsidies , Close to half of the profits .

Of course , This is not the most difficult problem Wei Jianjun needs to face , Perhaps the more difficult problem is still ahead .

The Federation said , Affected by the shortage of parts supply , Central China 、 Vehicle production bases in South China and other places have successively stopped production . Major auto manufacturers 4 First of the month 、 Average daily retail volume in two weeks , They fell year on year 32% and 39%. The third week , Driven by the resumption of work and production, the market has recovered , The year-on-year decline was 35% about , In the fourth week, the decline narrowed to 26% about . Therefore, comprehensive estimation ,4 Retail sales will reach 110 Thousands of cars , fell 31.9%.

It is worth mentioning that , Wei Jianjun is currently focusing on the field of new energy vehicles , Instead, it's the one who pulls the crotch most . Need to know , According to his plan , Great Wall Motors will be in 2025 Achieve global annual sales in 400 The target of 10,000 vehicles , Among them, new energy accounts for 80%, Total revenue exceeds 6000 One hundred million yuan .

According to the data of the passenger Association ,2022 year 3 month , The sales volume of domestic new energy passenger vehicle market increased year-on-year 137.6%, achieve 44.5 Thousands of cars . among , BYD soared year-on-year 334%, achieve 10.3 Thousands of cars , The market share is 23.2%, But great wall motors only 1.5 The result of 10000 vehicles ranked No 7 position , Not only does it have a market share of 3.4%, The increase is only 14.9%, It's on the list 15 Car companies , The lowest year-on-year increase .

Born in 1964 Wei Jianjun in , Now 58 Year old , As the son of the first generation of entrepreneurs in Baoding, Hebei , As a rich second generation, he , With the advantage of standing on the shoulders of their parents , Led Great Wall Motors to make countless achievements , Baoding is not only known as “ Gyeonggi gate ” The pride of the city , It also makes Wei Jianjun the new richest man in Hebei .

however , The capital market will not stay for anyone , Falling behind means being abandoned , The transformation of new energy vehicles is a great challenge to all traditional car enterprises , Just see who can bite his teeth and stick to it , So as to get the affirmation of investors .

( Author city boundary Feng Chenchen Editor Liao Ying )

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