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Vue router dynamically modifies routing parameters

2022-04-29 16:37:47segmentfault

Routing address suffix /test?regionId=sj
There is a matching administrative division permission array in the user information xzqh: ['sj','hz'], And a field indicates the administrative division to which the user belongs by default regionId: sj
When you manually modify the address to /test?regionId=hz, because regionId In the matching permission array , Jump to /test?regionId=hz
When you manually modify the address to /test?regionId=nb, Redirect address to /test?regionId=sj

How to implement this logic in routing navigation
I am here beforeEach Judge from the hook regionId After the permission array is not met , To configure to.query.regionId , The routing address will not change

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Since it's permission , Don't put it in URL in , It's not safe , Can be placed vuex in

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Manually modify routing parameters , When it doesn't meet certain conditions , Limit its jump , Redirect to default route

router.beforeEach((to, from, next) => {
       //  Get user rights , Which nodes are allowed to operate 
      let permissionKey = xxx
      //  Get which node the user belongs to by default 
      let defaultRegion = xxx
      //  Manually modified  regionId  Not in the permission domain ,  Redirect to default 
      if(permissionKey.indexOf(to.query.regionId) === -1 && to.query.regionId !== defaultRegion?.key) {
      //  Redirect to the specified 
          router.push({ name:, query: Object.assign(to.query, {
          regionId:  defaultRegion?.key

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