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Front end vuejs set sail

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vue Four ways to add

  1. On the page with CDN Import in the form of package .
  2. download JavaScript File and self hosting .
  3. Use npm Install it .( Use cnpm faster )
  4. Use official CLI To build a project , It provides fully functional build settings for modern front-end workflow ( for example , Hot heavy load 、 Tips for saving, etc ).

CDN It is a distributed content distribution network built on data network . CDN The role is to use streaming media server cluster technology , Overcome the shortcomings of insufficient output bandwidth and concurrency of single machine system , It can greatly increase the number of concurrent streams supported by the system , Reduce or avoid the adverse effects of single point failure .

vscode plug-in unit

vscode plug-in unit

install vue Debugging tools for

Vue Devtools, After downloading, drag it into the developer tool ,( If it doesn't work , Restart the computer )
link :
Extraction code :1111

Install scaffolding

install ( use cnpm faster )

npm install -g @vue/cli


vue upgrade --next


vue It's a set Build the user interface Of Progressive type js frame .
 Insert picture description here

3. Use virtual DOM+ first-class Dif Algorithm , Try to reuse DOM node .
 Insert picture description here

( The front end is to make the appropriate request , Show the data in the right place .)
DOM Generally refers to the document object model .
be-all DOM All operations are carried out by Vue To deal with it .

Official bag

Be careful :
Newcomers should not use scaffolding for the time being .
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