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Choose Java or front-end for training and learning

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With IT The continuous development of the development industry ,java Development and web The application of front-end development in many development fields is quite good , As for which employment is good , It also depends on which development technology is more suitable for small partners to learn , Moreover, according to the development of the development industry , Front end development backend , The development of back-end development and front-end has been very obvious , This not only requires small partners to be proficient in their respective fields , It is more necessary for small partners to consider developing in the direction of the whole stack .
because java The performance of the development technology has security and strong scalability , There are many enterprises java The application of development technology is still favored , And for the continuous development of the development industry , For the small partners who have changed careers from zero foundation to learn and develop technical knowledge , It is suggested that java Develop technology as the first technical language , Besides, in the era of big data , have java Basic technology development , It also has certain advantages for the development of big data in the future .
Little buddy wants to be in java The development industry is developing better , It is necessary to choose a suitable learning style and learning method , Especially for the small partners who need to learn and develop technical knowledge when changing from zero foundation to business .

1. Choose one that suits you better java Training institutions
Before learning to develop technical knowledge , Consider whether you are suitable for learning java Develop technical knowledge , Then we need to compare through multiple companies , Investigate in many ways to understand , Choose what suits you rationally
java train
Institutions carry out systematic learning and develop technical knowledge .
2. Find the right way to learn , Improve learning efficiency
My little friend is in java In the process of training institutions learning and developing technical knowledge , Through continuous learning , Form good study habits 、 Good at reflection and summary , So as to explore their own learning methods , Improve learning efficiency .
however , Don't just learn basic theoretical knowledge , More need to practice relevant project actual combat cases , Accumulate more practical project experience , meanwhile , We also need to accumulate experience and exercise the ability to solve problems in the process of project development , Improve job competitiveness .
In the process of learning , Don't build a car behind closed doors , Be sure to be more friendly java Teachers of training institutions 、 Communicate with students , In the process of communication, learn other people's good programming thinking , To gradually improve their programming thinking , Especially in java In the development of development projects, we attach great importance to object-oriented abstract thinking .

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