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The new smart spirit 1 starts in Asia! Breaking 100 in 6.7 seconds + frameless door, 190000 pre-sale

2022-04-29 05:28:37Yundui car

4 month 25 Japan , In the last century 90 years ,smart Brand uphold “ Explore the best solution for future urban travel ” The birth of our vision .25 Year ,smart Join hands with millions of users and countless fans around the world , It has already become a personalized label for enjoying urban travel . As the world's first brand to fully transform from fuel vehicles to pure electric vehicles , Fully refreshed smart Don't change your mind , Love is still infinite 、 The courage to think boldly and realize inspiration , To explore the undefined boundaries of tomorrow .

From love Undefined new smart spirit #1 Asian listing

tonight , New luxury pure electric automobile technology brand smart, With the first member of the new generation pure electric vehicle family —— new smart spirit #1 It is listed in Asia in China and takes the lead in opening pre-sale . The two configuration models launched this time are Pro+、Premium, Its official pre-sale price range is RMB 19-23 Ten thousand yuan ( New energy vehicles are subsidized and do not include paid options ). meanwhile , The official reservation channel has been officially opened , Users can log in “smart automobile APP” or “smart Car applet ” Make a reservation ( The interest payment is RMB 500 element ), Hand in hand immediately ⽇ Urban close friends start a pure electric journey .

new smart spirit #1 Pro+ edition 、Premium Pre sale price range of version ( New energy vehicles are subsidized and do not include paid options )

At the launch conference in Asia ,smart Brand global company CEO Mr. Tong Xiangbei said :“ With the official launch of the first new mass production model ,smart The brand has entered a new stage of full speed development . future , We will insist on ‘ Central European dual core , Global layout ’ Forward looking development strategy , Continuously expand the global development margin of enterprises .smart Has grown up , Tomorrow's journey is the sea of stars .”

smart Brand global company CEO Mr. Tong Xiangbei

Inject innovation into operations The development margin is not defined

In a new and booming track ,smart Brand innovation all the way , Constantly broaden the development margin of enterprises , Actively seek the vision of sustainable development . implement “ Central European dual core , Global layout ” Forward looking development strategy ,smart Two major new energy vehicle markets in the world have been laid out , In brand building 、 Great progress has been made in product R & D, manufacturing and sales service network . meanwhile ,smart Actively deepen global operations , Has joined hands with proton motor , Jointly explore the potential new energy vehicle market in Southeast Asia .

In terms of business model ,smart Make steady progress to “ User center , Digital drive ” For the core idea D2C Business model of direct selling agency . at present ,smart The infrastructure construction of user digital ecosystem has been completed , More gathered a group with smart Like-minded partners .2022 During the year , near 150 Independent sales and service outlets will be gradually rolled out , Override 40 A domestic front line 、 New first and second tier cities , Let more users feel close smart Unique new luxury brand 、 Product and service experience .

smart Brand global company sales 、 Ms. Zhang Mingxia, vice president of marketing and after sales

smart Brand global company sales 、 Ms. Zhang Mingxia, vice president of marketing and after sales, said :“ This is a brand new smart spirit #1 The official listing of is just a new starting point in the process of brand development . Face tomorrow , We will continue to be user-centered , Integrate unlimited inspiration into business operations , Constantly bring beyond expectations 、 Brand product service experience full of surprises .smart We will work with users who also love the unlimited possibilities of tomorrow to create , Committed to becoming their close friends in the city of tomorrow . From love , Undefined , This is it. smart.”

Inspire with action Tomorrow's car is not defined

From the date of birth ,smart They continue to break the shackles of thinking , Take action to achieve undefined inspiration . Face tomorrow ,smart Change from single model brand to multi matrix model brand , Actively build a new generation of pure electric vehicle family . Live broadcast , new smart spirit #1 Join hands with the trendy and avant-garde people , Love deduces the responsibility as a beauty 、 LOHAS guide 、 Powerful players 、 Reliable partner 、 Five distinct personalities of geek pioneer , Decrypt “ Tomorrow's urban close friends ” Charm source code .

First , It is a face value that shows personality . new smart spirit #1 Mercedes... Is used - Designed by Mercedes Benz global design team “ perceptual · Lingrui ” Design philosophy . 11 Body colors 、4 An interior style , A variety of color combinations are available , Fully take care of the user's personality expression .TA Not only the user's urban close friend , It is also the trend of showing taste .

new smart spirit #1

new smart spirit #1 Is a joy guide who knows what you need . Front seat support 6 Electric adjustment 、4 Adjust to the electric lumbar support , Provide a comfortable ride that fits your body . Heat pump air conditioning 、 Double zone automatic thermostatic air conditioner 、 Multidirectional regulation 、 ventilation / Heated seats, etc , The guardian brings intimate warmth .1.3 Square meter super large immersive sky curtain 、Beats The sound system 、 Intelligent fragrance system 、10 Inch HUD Looked up and show 、 Wireless charging of mobile phone 、 Kicking power tailgate 、3.3 KW reverse charging and other functional configurations , All show the meticulous consideration of tomorrow's urban close friends to the needs of users .

new smart spirit #1 interior

new smart spirit #1 Equipped with Beats The sound system

As a close friend of tomorrow's city , new smart spirit #1 Both appearance and strength . It carries 66 kw · Time ternary lithium battery , The maximum pure electric range can reach 560 km (CLTC Driving cycle of light vehicles in China ). In DC overcharge mode (150 kw ,380 Ampere ), Less than 30 The power can be changed from... In minutes 10% to 80%. A cup of coffee ,TA You can recover , Start again . The maximum power of the permanent magnet synchronous electric drive can reach 200 kw , Peak torque 343 cattle · rice , It only takes... To accelerate from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour 6.7 second , Is a real power player . Besides ,3 Driving mode and 3 A choice of steering comfort , Make driving fun and customize it .

new smart spirit #1 carrying smart Pilot Intelligent assisted driving system

About the sense of security , new smart spirit #1 Never be vague . It carries smart Pilot Intelligent assisted driving system provides more intelligent protection in active safety . The whole car carries up to 23 A high-precision sensing hardware , Can be realized 23 term ( Include L2+ Level ) Intelligent driving assistance function . In case of emergency during driving , This reliable partner will try his best to help users save themselves from danger . Besides ,TA At the same time, meet the dual security standards of China and the EU , Cage body structure is adopted , The proportion of high strength steel reaches 74%, The proportion of hot formed steel in the whole vehicle is as high as 19%. In the solid body structure ,TA There is also a stable and strong heart —— Its equipped ternary lithium battery , Experienced 30 Remaining safety tests . At low temperatures , Advanced battery intelligent temperature control management system can preheat the battery , Make sure the battery is in the best working condition , So as to improve the charging and output efficiency . Even in the cold winter of the North , This close friend is reliable enough .

new smart spirit #1 use 12.8 Inch suspended central control large screen

In this era when everyone is online at any time , Tomorrow's urban close friends will always be with you . As a geek pioneer , new smart spirit #1 The whole series is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 8155 Intelligent cockpit chip , The chip uses 7 Nano process 、8 nucleus CPU processor , With super computing power .12.8 Inch suspended central control screen , Both clear display and sensitive touch . It carries “ Inspiration planet ”smart OS Full scene Digital Eco vehicle system ( Wechat support ), Adopt the game industry's “Low Poly” Geometric polyline design style . Besides , There is also a little fox on standby on inspiration planet , It is the user's wizard assistant Avatar, It can be done by AI Artificial intelligence technology , Quickly learn and adapt to users' voice habits . Besides ,smart It has also been built to APP、 A series of digital ecological services with vehicle engine system as the core contact , The user through the exclusive smart ID You can experience it seamlessly smart The digital world .

smart automobile APP

meanwhile , new smart spirit #1 Equipped with the industry's first “ Full scene close friend customization function ”. The user only needs to go through “smart automobile ”APP Upper advance DIY Scene and function configuration . This close friend will do what he wants , Provide intimate care for every trip . At a special time in life , Of course, close friends will not be absent . Through customizable smart Light show function , new smart spirit #1 With rhythm, light language and dynamic music , Create romantic surprises for users .

Call for CO creation with love smart Life is undefined

Germinated in the cross-border co creation of fashion and automobile ,smart Born to work together to create a wonderful tomorrow . That year , As an exclusive event for thousands of fans ,smart times Popular all over the world , It has painted a thick ink on the Centennial automobile culture . Now , New smart Committed to building a co creation platform , Connect the brand with users , Grow up together , So as to inspire more people to come together , To explore 、 To create , Achieve more new inspiration .

smart spirit #1 Bright light and shadow penetration LED Tail lights

Last May ,smart Release its trendy lifestyle brand smartidea, Let everything be smart. At this conference ,smart Release “#1 The number one close friend program ”, For all “ Book owner ” Automatically unlock the participation permission of this activity . By participating in smart Co creation activities , Close friends can obtain and accumulate “ Growth is worth ”. Eventually become “#1 Number one close friend ” The owner of the reservation , Enjoy six surprise benefits , Include smart Event preemption 、 Exclusive rights ;“#1 Number one close friend ” Certification badges and labels ;smart APP account number 1000 Growth is worth ( After successfully collecting the car ); Exclusive customer service ; New car priority internal test rights ; Trunk surprise blind box . Besides ,smart It will also provide four major rights and interests for all car owners , Including vehicle warranty 4 Years or 15 Thousands of kilometers ; Battery warranty 8 Years or 15 Thousands of kilometers ;4 One button free national road rescue ;5 Annual free unlimited traffic .

From love , Undefined . With brand new smart spirit #1 Asian listing as the starting point ,smart A brand new journey has been started . future ,smart With a new luxury fashion 、 Tomorrow's technology continues to bring surprises , Join hands with users to create , Let's make tomorrow more smart spot !

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