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Sennheiser momentum true wireless 3 true wireless headphones will be available on May 10

2022-04-29 06:04:31Chinese industry information station


It is reported that ,Momentum True Wireless 3 Optional black (black)、 white (white)、 Graphite (graphite) Three colors . Is due to 5 month 10 Day listed , The price is 249.95 dollar ( about 1640 RMB).

aesthetic , The new true wireless headset looks closer to CX and CX Plus True Wireless, Embodies the Sennheiser A more general family design language has been identified for this series of product lines .

Portable charging storage box ,Momentum True Wireless 3 The USB-C The port is moved straight ahead (Jabra More and more competitors are doing the same ), However, the shape and size of the fabric covered shell have not changed much .

Although it seems strange at first glance , But in some cases , It's really much more convenient to charge the front connection . But what makes us happier is ,Momentum True Wireless 3 New wireless charging function .


In addition to a new style ,Sennheiser And improved Momentum True Wireless 3 Comfort 、 Active noise reduction (ANC)、 And call quality .

Unfortunately , In the two key areas of audio quality and battery life , It has not ushered in a major upgrade —— The new product continues the products made by the company in Germany 7mm Drive unit .

Software aspect , The supporting mobile application now supports listening tests , To bring a more personalized high bass experience . But at least from the press release , We can speculate that the overall sound profile is similar .

Codec ,Momentum True Wireless 3 Support AAC、SBC and aptX, The latter can be matched in aptX Adaptive Reduce perceptible delays when compatible with devices 、 At the same time, it reaches a higher level AAC Higher bit rate .


Besides Momentum True Wireless 3 It can automatically adjust the noise reduction level according to the changing environment ( Adaptive noise reduction ), The system will continuously monitor the ambient noise to suppress the noise in real time . Of course , If necessary , You can still adjust it manually according to your preferences .

It is worth mentioning that , The new true wireless headphones are integrated into each earplug 3 A microphone , Officials claim to bring more significant improvements and clear sound quality to voice and video calls .

The headset also passed IPX4 Class a waterproof certification , Be able to exercise in a light rain or environment . The endurance of the unit is 7 Hours , Add the charging storage box to supplement 21 Hours , Unfortunately, it does not support connecting multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time (Bluetooth Multipoint).

Last ,Sennheiser Recently, it also launched the selling price 199.95 dollar ( about 1312 RMB) Of Sport True Wireless Real wireless headset , The benchmark is Beats Fit Pros Waiting for competitive products .

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