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Which one charges less for opening a securities account and how to open the account

2022-04-29 06:35:07Koufu Q & A

Which one charges less for opening a securities account , How to open an account

Take the answer 1:
Hello , There is no charge for opening an account , It is recommended to negotiate the transaction commission with the account manager in advance , You can open a stock account online , You need to prepare your ID card and bank card in advance

Take the answer 2:
Hello! , It is more appropriate to choose the online opening method for securities account opening , Online opening is convenient and fast , The online contact consultant manager of securities account opening can open... For you free vip Securities account . There is no charge now .

Stocks need to have ID cards and bank cards ready , The opening process is as follows ,
1、 Open the connection or QR code given by the consultant manager
2、 Click registration , Verify the mobile phone number and obtain the verification code , Upload the front and back of ID card
3、 Fill in information , Witness the video
4、 Select Business Department , Bind bank card , Set the bank card password
5、 Complete the risk assessment , The materials submitted for review and account opening are completed ,

If you are worried about running into problems during operation , You can communicate with me in advance
At the same time , Our company is one of the top ten securities companies , You can open a low commission free of charge vip Account + Permanent free consulting services , Please click on the top right corner to contact me

Take the answer 3:
Contact the stock account opening advisor online , I need your second-generation ID card and bank card , Find the account manager to provide a stock account opening link to open a stock account , The level of commission is mainly determined by the transaction volume and the amount of funds , Transaction costs manager Zhang, this is very cost-effective ! Welcome to open a stock account !

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