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Use and principle of Vue keepalive

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vue keepalive The use and principle of

scene :A->B No need to cache ,C->B Cache required
There are many online solutions , The general idea is to add keepAlive The status value ,app.vue According to this status value, you can judge whether you need to add keepAlive Components ; Leaving A Page access B On the page , Set this status value to false, Leaving C go back to B Set the status value to true

// stay router Add inside mata
      path: '/b',
      name: 'B',
      component: B,
    // stay app.vue in 
    <router-view v-if="$route.meta.keepAlive"></router-view>
    <router-view v-if="!$route.meta.keepAlive"></router-view>
    // stay A On the page 
    beforeRouteLeave(to, from, next) {
    to.meta.keepAlive = false;
  // stay C On the page 
  beforeRouteLeave(to, from, next) {
    to.meta.keepAlive = true;

for the first time A>B>C, And then back to B Words , Will not be cached .
from B To A, Later on B,B Not cached , Behave normally , After clicking on C, This time from C return , What you get is at the beginning B The cache of

Final solution : utilize keepalive Component's include Parameters , coordination vuex State management , Dynamically add pages that need to be cached . The specific way is to vuex Defines an array to store pages that need to be cached name value , Then guard the route beforeEach Function to listen for the page to jump to , And put the page that needs to be cached name Value deposit vuex In the array , When B->A when , Delete stored in vuex Array name.
General principles : As long as it is B page ( Pages to cache , All cached ), Before returning to A Clear the corresponding cache when name

Source code

vue edition :2.6.11
Source location :src->core->components->keep-alive.js

Create a stage :created It will create a cache object , For preservation vnode node
Destruction phase :destroyed The hook will call pruneCacheEntry Method to remove cache All component instances in the cache
Rendering phase :
1、 Gets the... Of the current component name value
2、 take name adopt include And exclude Property to match , The match didn't work ( Indicates that caching is not required ) Then return directly vnode
3、 If there is a cache, take the component instance in the cache , If not, cache the component
4、 If the cache exceeds the maximum value, the first cache will be deleted

If there is a right include and exclude Modification of , that watch The Commissioner heard the change , Then update accordingly cache The value in .
So the above question is easy to explain , On the route mate Adding a status value to it doesn't actually look like include It's like this watch Listen to the , So there will be problems .

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