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Hexo/Github. IO configure Tencent cloud CDN

2022-04-29 04:21:30Xia ordinary

My brother Xin wrote ! By the way, he helped me set up a new blog, lately (2022.2) Updating autumn recruitment interview QA, Suitable target is “ Big factory + Survey and opening post ”, Welcome to watch ~
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Use When building your own blog, you may encounter poor access speed , The following solutions can be adopted to solve :

  1. take Hexo Deploy to Alibaba cloud Click to see ), Direct access to Alibaba cloud , But this method will expose the of your server ip, There are safety risks , The bandwidth of the server may not meet the demand , You can refer to, When you're done, be right /home/git/hexo/hooks/post-receive Add executable permissions to the file
  2. use Gitee, Speed is guaranteed , But now the personal version can't customize the domain name
  3. use, To configure Tencent cloud CDN, Novices can get six months , monthly 20G The free CDN Traffic .

CDN To configure

Suppose you have installed the online tutorial configuration Hexo Such steps

  1. After execution hexo d -g after , Configure... In the warehouse Pages, Reference resources, Be careful Do not configure a custom domain name , In Tencent cloud CDN Middle configuration .

  2. You should be able to access your Page , for example : In this form

  3. Tencent cloud CDN Main configuration host And domain name , Refer to the below
     Insert picture description here

  4. Domain name setting resolution
     Insert picture description here
    Two article , Corresponding to overseas and domestic respectively

Now visit... Separately and You should be able to visit your website ,cdn Why , The second may be slower to update , You need to set up your own

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