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Less than 100 or win Porsche, Maserati "special supply" 3.0T technical analysis

2022-04-29 11:00:34Understand chedi Auto Information

As a super luxury brand , When was the last time Maserati ignited the passion of Chinese consumers ? It's priced at 100 Within ten thousand yuan Ghibli( picture | To configure | inquiry ) And Levante When it comes to the market ? The horsepower is still the largest 630Ps Of 3.0T Maserati MC20 When it was launched ? Tell the truth , In the domestic market , The former may still have more influence than the latter . It's not about sacrificing “ Sea god ” New technology 3.0T The engine is not attractive , It's just MC20 This kind of sports car market , The eyes at home are really attracted by Porsche .

It's just “ Way ” Better than “ problem ” many , With Maserati Grecale The arrival of the , Maserati seems to have the ability to challenge Porsche in the Chinese market . what's more ,“ Sea god ” The engine is on this new car , The asking price is also controlled in RMB 100 Within 10000 yuan . As a brand totem with Trident, Maserati , With “ Sea god ” Named Power Technology , It really needs a broader stage .

again F1 Technology devolution , Self reliant Maserati “ By spectrum ”?

comparison 2 Launched years ago MC20, Carried in Grecale On the body 3.0T The engine , It's shrunk 100 horsepower , as well as 110N·m The torque . But even so ,Grecale Of 3.0T The driving force is still “ Without reservation ” The Poseidon technology used by the earth . And horizontally , Compared with Porsche, the biggest potential competitor Macan On board 2.9T High power version ,Grecale Of 3.0T More than... At maximum horsepower 89 horse , The maximum torque should also be more 70N·m. You can see , How confident is Maserati after the sea god technology blessing . As for why the new car reduces its horsepower , Let's talk in the back , Let's review what is “ Sea god ” technology .

“ Sea god ” The core of Technology , Double combustion chamber ( Double spark plugs ) structure , Also known as secondary combustion chamber Technology . There is no accident that such a big brain hole comes from F1 Racing Technology “ Decentralization ”. Although Maserati's brilliant days in formula one , It goes back to the 1950s . But this part of Italy never lacks racing blood , Especially in a “ big family ” In the context of running , Ferrari once undertook the supply of Maserati's engine .

Although Ferrari later refused “ wet nurse ” The job of , But look at alpha · Romeo's four leaf clover 2.9T, Look at Maserati 3.0T.90° Angle V6,82mm Piston stroke , Uh , Ferrari said “ Just be happy ”.82mm Itinerary , coordination 88mm The bore of the cylinder , For models in other countries , This proportion may be the Renaissance . But for Italy , It's a routine operation , High speed engine is also one of the soul sources of Maserati sound wave .

How high is the speed ?MC20 On the body 630Ps Horsepower requires 7500rpm To burst out , Even in Grecale On the body ,530Ps The maximum horsepower also needs to be blown to 6500rpm. Technology aside , This temper comes from F1 I am a letter .

Back to dual combustion chamber Technology , This is on top of a conventional piston cylinder , Add a mini version “ Small cylinder ” Structure , The lean combustion effect of natural fuel oil is realized .“ Small cylinder ” Pre inject fuel and ignite ( Injection pressure 6Bar), Then spray the flame into the main combustion chamber , Faster implementation 、 Sufficient combustion efficiency . The technical path of pre combustion solves the knock pressure of high-speed and high-performance super running engine , This Maserati 3.0T stay MC20 You have 11 A compression ratio (Grecale I don't know for the time being ). And reference Ferrari 296 Of 3.0T power , The compression ratio is only 9.4( It's already excellent for high-speed super running ).

meanwhile , The fuel injection pressure in the master cylinder has reached 350Bar, This injection pressure is also a sharp weapon to overcome the emission standards of China and Europe . A range of efficient fuel technologies , Maybe it will make Maserati at the end of the fuel age , Get better development opportunities .

In addition to the most topical dual combustion chamber design , Maserati Poseidon Technology 3.0T The engine is also equipped with an electric exhaust pressure relief valve ( Twin turbine )、 Variable valve timing, double overhead camshaft and other technologies . These paths are consistent with the ideas of major internal combustion engine manufacturers , With the development in recent years , The results of the application of these technologies , We also see more and more .

Less 100 horse , Do something more meaningful “ Sea god ”

After reviewing the ride in Maserati MC20 Poseidon power , We also return to Maserati Grecale On the body . Because the model has changed from sports car to SUV, Maserati Grecale Even if there is less 100 Based on horsepower , You can still get official 3.8s 100 km acceleration , Only than MC20 Not slow 1s. Although on this horizontal line 1 Second, there is a difference between cloud and mud , But for consumers , This perception is not as obvious as the functional differences of vehicle models .

The cost of super running is negligible , But for Maserati Grecale for , It is in “ generous ” And “ Mean ” Between . I even doubt Grecale Pick up the 3.0T Is there also a dry sump , This one is super running 、 What I saw in the car “ The golden goblin ” technology , In terms of center of gravity 、 Control doesn't mind so much SUV On the body , It doesn't seem to make much sense anymore . Of course , Perhaps the most practical significance is fuel consumption .

Yes , You didn't hear me wrong , Millions of models should also consider fuel consumption . Because for Maserati ,Grecale Already has “ Universal significance ” The models , Naturally, it also needs to consider various use costs of slightly grounding gas . according to NEDC standard , Maserati MC20 The comprehensive fuel consumption has reached 11.6L/100km. Not to mention the standard reference value , This is just a curb weight 1500kg Just a sports car .

Maserati Grecale At present, there is no fuel consumption data in China , We are based on overseas EPA Test data to calculate , Its comprehensive fuel consumption can be converted into 11.8L/100km. The calculated fuel consumption here is based on EPA Test standard , It's better than NEDC More suitable for actual working conditions , Plus 3.0T Of Grecale But the quality of a single unit 2125kg Of SUV, This fuel consumption performance is also acceptable .

At the end :

Poseidon power is 2 The power performance squeezed years ago , And the application of technology path , So far, it's amazing . By Ferrari “ weaning ” after , Maserati's R & D ability and mass production courage , Let's super run against Italy 、 There is a new understanding of the details of racing culture . Most of the time , I'm concerned about “ special provision ” The practice of engine adjustment has always been sneered at , But I have to say , This Maserati is an exception . First , Let more people experience “ Sea god ” technology , It is necessary . what's more ,“ Weaken ” Version of Poseidon power still brings “ excess ” Power take-off , Who can blame for this ?

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