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1000km pure electric endurance is meaningless? Then why does the car factory still try its best to extend the endurance?

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With the continuous improvement of the range of pure electric models on the market , The gradual popularity of charging stations everywhere ,“ Mileage anxiety ” It seems that it is no longer the fatal problem of pure electric vehicles . achieve 600km Electric vehicles with pure electric endurance can also basically meet the use scenarios of all oil vehicles , that 1000km Is the range of the still meaningful for the pure tram type ?

Tesla founder musk also said , The endurance exceeds 400 miles (600km) Electric cars are meaningless . Xiaobian also agreed with this view very much at the beginning , First of all, if you really have a lot of needs for long-distance driving , Whether from convenience 、 Security 、 Consider the whole cycle vehicle cost and other aspects , Buying a fuel car is still a better choice at present . If you drive downtown most of the time , Even the taxi driver who works overtime runs all day 400 Many kilometers , So when the charging conditions are abundant ,600km Electric vehicles with pure electric endurance are enough to meet the needs of most people .

And I personally think , The range of pure electric models exceeds 500km After that, we should pay more attention to the safety of the vehicle 、 comfort 、 Optimize the charging speed , It really doesn't make much sense to blindly pursue the mileage . But at the same time , I also think 1000km The range is still meaningful , Do you think it's contradictory , In fact, there is a mistake here , The range I mentioned above is nominal , Not the actual endurance , The actual endurance is often based on the nominal endurance 7 fold , In other words, the nominal endurance reaches 1000km, The actual endurance reaches 700km, That still makes sense .

1000km Battery life has been officially mass produced

that 1000km Is it possible to have a nominal range of ? Of course, it's possible , GAC AIAN AION LX( picture | To configure | inquiry ) PLUS The nominal range of the thousand mile version has reached 1008km, It is also the first vehicle registered with the Ministry of industry and information technology in China 1000km A pure electric vehicle with long life , And has been officially listed for sale , The price is 46.96 Ten thousand yuan . Compared with 650km Version of ( The price is 28.66 Ten thousand yuan ), Expensive 18.3 Ten thousand yuan , The nominal range is too much 358 km , The actual endurance may be more 250km about , Give more to 18 ten thousand , Charge less electricity twice a month , Do you think it's worth it ?

Let's first get to know about GAC ea AION LX PLUS How to realize the thousand mile version 1000km Nominal endurance . First of all, there are many ways to increase mileage , The common is to enlarge the battery pack , Increase battery density , Reduce the overall weight of the body, etc , And optimize the body drag coefficient , Low rolling resistance wheel hub, etc .

And GAC AIAN AION LX PLUS The thousand mile version uses a capacity of 144.4kWh Battery pack , The biggest feature of this battery pack is the use of silicon anode , However, due to the inherent defects of silicon negative battery in battery life , Therefore, GAC EA has adopted many methods to improve this point , For example, double carbon coating , Self repairing adhesive , And various composite coating technologies in the manufacturing process , It's finally done 280Wh/kg Single cell capacity density , Higher than most batteries on the market . But because of GAC's ai'an AION LX PLUS The thousand mile version of the battery pack weighs 690kg, And the production cost is really not low , So silicon negative battery may not be 1000km Final scheme of endurance electric vehicle .

It is said to carry “ Solid state batteries ” Wei Lai of ET7 Can run 1000km?

And more recently , Weilai semi-solid battery supplier information was exposed for the first time , Chief scientist of Weilan new energy 、 Founder Li Hong revealed , The company is cooperating with Weilai , The plan is based on Wei Lai ET7 Launch single charge endurance 1000km Mixed solid-liquid electrolyte battery , And the battery is expected to start mass production by the end of this year or the first half of next year .

In Weilai ET7 On , Its battery pack capacity will reach 150kWh, The system energy density is 360Wh/kg, Based on this battery ,ET7 Endurance is expected to break through 1000km. About the battery , Zeng Shizhe, assistant vice president of Weilai automotive battery system, also explained , The battery still needs electrolyte 、 The diaphragm , So this is a battery form between liquid lithium battery and all solid lithium battery . As for all solid state batteries , Currently in mass production 、 Commercialization and other aspects still face many difficulties .

How awesome are all solid state batteries ?

Like other batteries , All solid state batteries are also composed of positive and negative electrodes and electrolytes , But all solid batteries use solid electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte . Because lithium ions move in a solid electrolyte that is not easy to burn , Therefore, the security will be greatly improved . In theory, all solid batteries have more power storage than batteries using electrolyte 、 The output power is also greater .

Then relevant research institutions say , The charging speed of all solid state batteries will be... That of traditional batteries 10 times , The monomer energy density is expected to reach 500Wh/kg, I want to push the range of an electric car to 1000km These are easy things . So it seems , All solid state battery seems to be the ultimate form of lithium battery , But there will be no breakthrough in the short term .

In fact, engineering optimization can also effectively improve the endurance of trams

But in addition to the material of the battery itself , At present, the engineering optimization of battery pack is also a more effective solution to improve battery life , such as CTP(Cell To Pack) Technology and CTC(Cell To Chassis) technology . among CTP Technology is to integrate the cell directly into the battery pack , The battery module is reduced or omitted , Integrate the battery pack into the body floor as a part of the vehicle structure . Thus, the volume utilization rate is improved , Reduced number of parts , Improved productivity . Take the Ningde era for example , Its CTP Increased capacity utilization of battery pack 15%—20%, The number of parts has been reduced 40%, Production efficiency has improved 50%, The energy density of the battery increases 10%—15%.

and CTC The concept and of technology CTP The technology is very similar , And more radical in subtraction , Directly connect the battery 、 Integrated design of chassis and lower body , Technology to further simplify product design and production process . Effectively reduce the number of parts , While improving space utilization and system specific energy , The body and battery structure complement each other , The impact resistance of the battery and the torsional stiffness of the vehicle body are greatly improved . Run with zero CTC Take battery chassis integration technology as an example , Compared with the traditional scheme, the battery layout space is improved 14.5%, The vertical space of the vehicle body is increased 10 mm; Reduce the number of parts 20%, Reduce the cost of structural parts 15%; Improve the rigidity of the whole vehicle 25%.

Of course , I also want to further improve the range , There are various schemes , For example, in Mercedes Benz EQXX Many representative technologies have been applied in . For example, it is installed on the roof 117 A solar panel , To be able to supplement is equivalent to 25 Kilometers of electric energy ; Composite materials and integrated castings are also widely used on the body , A lot of special materials are also used in the interior , And the chassis and interior of the whole vehicle use a lot of hollow design , Therefore, the weight of the whole vehicle is only 1755 kg ; Only for 0.17Cd The drag coefficient of , There are data to show that every decrease 0.01Cd, Tram mileage can be increased 20 km .

also 0.7 Bridgestone exclusive tire with ultra-low rolling resistance coefficient , And when the speed is greater than 60km/h Open active rear diffuser, etc , So as to achieve 1008km Measured endurance , There's even... Left 15% The electricity . But the above are relative limits , Not all types of vehicles with walking volume can be applied .

summary :

The answer is very obvious ,1000km The standard cruising mileage is also very meaningful , At present, it has officially entered the stage of mass production , Although there are still many aspects to be further optimized , But completely solve “ Endurance anxiety ” It's just around the corner .

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