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A lifeless face

2022-04-29 07:41:16Photography

I really don't like my face very much , I don't feel angry , Always wooden , No expression , Especially when you look at your photos . And I don't like taking pictures , So a vicious circle is formed , It's not good , I don't like shooting more and more , Taking pictures has become a painful thing . But in fact, I want to leave a good memory , Who doesn't love beauty , But there is still a lack of training and attempt in this field , So I often flinch . With age , Aging is inevitable , This year and two years , I already feel that the meat on my face looks much looser than before , But that's not the most important thing , More importantly, the vitality on your face .

The anger on a person's face and a person's appearance , Or temperament , I think it more or less reflects the psychological state of this person , Especially the face . All the books you have read will be reflected in your temperament , I think it makes sense . I saw a picture of Mr. Yang Jiang's old age before , I feel very quiet and serene , Although it's the face of the elderly , But you can see the vast gullies in her heart through the photos . And Lin Huiyin, which I like very much recently , I always think her photos are also very good-looking , It's not about looks , It also refers to the light in your eyes .

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I can often laugh at myself now , You can also often look at yourself in front of the mirror , Although it is still wooden, there is no anger , It doesn't matter anymore , Sometimes I can make a face at myself . But I think it's much better than before . I think what you can see through your face is the life behind you , Therefore, it is not easy to change nature , Especially the background of your life , Change doesn't happen overnight , And this is not reflected by makeup at all , Makeup is just the icing on the cake at most .

The photos I left before , Or when taking pictures , Always have a stiff expression , nervous , There is seldom that kind of laughter , Very open photos . This is also a portrayal of my life , I'm wearing a shell , Live life with a little tension . In social life , My self has never existed in a state of complete freedom .

People still have requirements when they are younger , I hope I look good , Hope to do a good job , People are narcissistic , This is a very important reason why people can survive , If you have no requirements for yourself , Whatever you want , I guess I gave up . So they all try to live like they want with a certain shell . With age , There will be a choice , Listen to your inner thoughts , Live according to your own ideas , So the shell is slowly removed . I think this is an active choice and a kind of wisdom , So his face will slowly return to anger .

Some people live naturally , I used to envy people like this , People who grow up in love will do this , Being a man and doing things are my will . There are still such people around me now , Always positive , Be optimistic and work hard , Frank and direct , I like such people . So I really wanted to listen to teacher Wu Zhihong's psychology class , Being true to myself is also my goal , Other experiences and other processes of life are also important , But only when you become yourself can you better experience life .

So I think the most important thing for people is to accept themselves , Embrace yourself , Recognize yourself , I like myself , If none of this can be done , It's about getting along with the outside world , There must be all kinds of problems , All kinds of negative things will come out , So when raising children, we should be more technical , It's important for children to recognize themselves , Embrace yourself , Adults should not tear them up by their parents , Make them doubt themselves , Children are also a member of society , What others think of him , What the teacher thinks of him , Makes him have a lot of doubts about himself , Parents should try their best to dispel these doubts in their hearts , These doubts , Let them be more confident . If for a temporary achievement , A temporary performance , And keep hitting children , Give children a negative impression , It's not worth it . Although sometimes there is no direct verbal blow , But on the face , In the eyes , Will show how you feel about him , Will show how you really feel about him . Therefore, only sincere confidence in children , Really love , Children can feel .

As far as I'm concerned , I feel like I have a lot of negative energy in my heart , People who are always worried about the future , Although I don't complain much , Always optimistic , But the bottom of my heart is not a confident and sunny character , Of course these years , Through constant reflection , Continuous learning , There has been a great improvement , For the real self can better face , Can also better accept , But the master grid still has great power , Often pull me back to who I was many years ago .

How difficult it is to change the personality formed since childhood , It's really hard . Constant reflection can always change , See that better self , Slowly change into a better self . However, such a life may not have great achievements , But it's also an interesting life , Because in the process , You'll always think about yourself , Always thinking about all aspects of people , If I had been a perfect person from the beginning , Maybe it really changed the world , You don't have to think about people , It won't affect psychology and history , Interested in Humanities , So it's not necessarily all bad . Such a life is a unique life , Changes along the way , It's all harvest , In fact, it is also very interesting .

From this perspective , Why do you have to be so perfect at the beginning , It's better to be more and more perfect , I can't say whether this is self mockery or not , But at this moment, this is the real idea in my heart , So I saw the wooden self in the mirror , Not very angry face , I'm still a little happy . The rest of my life back , Make your face angry , Shine .

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