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AWS serverless design - apigateway

2022-04-29 07:57:11zoobuzas

AWS serverless Design -APIGateWay

This part is messy , I sort out some of the parts I often meet

1. Stage The name can only contain alphanumeric characters 、 Hyphens and underscores . Maximum length is 128 Characters .

2. /ping and /sping The path is only used for service health checks .

3. API Gateway Currently, log events are limited to 1024 byte . Greater than 1024 Bytes of log events ( For example, the body of a request or response ) Will be sent to CloudWatch Logs Was previously API Gateway truncation .

4. at present ,CloudWatch The indicator limits the dimension name and value to 255 An effective XML character ( For more information , see also CloudWatch User guide ). Dimension value is a user-defined name function , Include API name 、 label ( Stage ) Name and resource name . When selecting these names , Please take care not to go beyond CloudWatch Index limits .

5. The maximum size of the mapping template is 300KB.

6. request URL Plain text pipeline characters are not supported in query strings (|), Must be carried out URL code . request URL The query string does not support semicolon characters (, This can lead to data splitting .

7. Use API Gateway Console test API when , The back end will throw out the signing certificate 、 Intermediate certificates not in the certificate chain or other unrecognized certificate related exceptions , May return to “ Unknown endpoint error ” Respond to .

8. API Gateway Support most OpenAPI 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0 standard , Except for :

  • Path segments can only contain alphanumeric characters 、 A hyphen 、 Period 、 comma 、 Colons and curly braces .
    path The parameter must be a separate path segment .
    for example ,
    “/{path_parameter_name}” It works
    “{path_parameter_name}” Invalid

  • The model name can only contain alphanumeric characters .

  • I won't support it > Default keyword .

  • API Gateway For your use Lambda Integration or HTTP The integrated approach imposes the following limitations .

  • Title names and query parameters are handled in a case sensitive manner .

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