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Ajax sends a post request

2022-04-29 08:10:06Chen Chen is trying

send out POST request

demand : When the mouse is placed in the frame , Send a request to the server , When it comes back , Present the response results in div in

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html Written in a file ajax Code , And run
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terms of settlement :

// stay js Newly added'/server',(request,response)=>{
    // Set the response header .(' name ',' value ')  Set allow cross domain 

    // Set the response body 
    response.send('HELLO AJAX POST');

Restart the service after the change :
Run discovery . Data appears when the mouse moves in
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POST Set request body

The request body can be in any format , As long as the server can handle . But it's best to write in a specific format .
such as :

  • a=1&b=2&c=3
  • a:1&b:2&c:3
  • ······

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After operation
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