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Multi function environmental monitoring pole scheme based on wireless gateway

2022-04-29 08:43:08long_ shaoye

Our country is vast , The landform is diverse , For the development and protection of environmental resources , Enterprises and land departments are responsible for ranching , The pasture , Animal and plant reserves 、 There is a wide demand for environmental monitoring in lakes and other vast areas . This includes monitoring desert erosion 、 Greening transformation effect 、 Land quality 、 Moisture condition 、 Temperature and humidity status, etc , Data collection and analysis of natural environment , It is related to the efficient and rational utilization of environmental resources . This scheme mainly introduces the use of wireless gateway , Build a multifunctional environmental monitoring pole , It can realize the centralized monitoring and transmission of natural environment data .

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The multi-functional environmental monitoring pole has the advantage of selecting wireless gateway

1、 Realize wireless data transmission , Long distance network communication , High speed communication , Wiring free , Adapt to broad outdoor scenes .

2、 Gateway carrying GPS location , Build an accurate data grid , Realize fine monitoring and control ,

3、 Sensor data is collected centrally through the gateway 、 Edge calculation, data analysis and centralized upload , Supporting the cloud platform to form a visual data form .

4、 Through an intelligent gateway , The working state of the environmental monitoring rod equipment can be monitored in real time / Regular feedback , Autonomous analysis of abnormal conditions 、 Report , No manual patrol inspection

5、 The gateway adopts industrial hardware , Anti electromagnetic interference , High protection, not easy to damage

6、 The wireless gateway is optional 5G function , Realize the transmission of HD monitoring picture 、 Voice talk 、 Mechanical equipment control, etc

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Application of multifunctional environmental monitoring rod equipment

The wind speed / Wind direction monitoring : It can be applied to gale forecasting and early warning , Build regional air volume and wind direction data chart , Explore and evaluate wind resource points

Light monitoring : Light intensity in the monitoring area 、 Data such as illumination duration , The data can be used for agricultural production 、 Engineering construction, etc .

Air temperature and humidity : Build fine temperature / Precipitation distribution data map , Cooperate with the design of farming and grazing scheme ,

And things like air quality 、 Atmospheric pressure 、 Monitoring of environmental data such as rain and snow , Fully control the environmental status information , Explore environmental resources and environmental advantages .

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Multi functional environmental monitoring pole wireless gateway recommendation

Multi protocol gateway BMG500, The design has Rj45 so 、RS485 A serial port , Support DI Digital input 、 Rich functions such as relay input , And built-in rich device protocols , Massive sensors are connected to the cloud in one stop , Easy and efficient deployment , Cost effective .

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Edge computing gateway BMG700, Provide integrated communication for multi-functional detection rod 、 Edge of computing 、 Protocol conversion 、 Connect to the cloud 、 Remote management and other functions . Industrial hardware selection , Easy to use , High cost performance .

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Smart gateway BMG8100, The application interface is rich and comprehensive , The gateway also supports Gigabit rate network ports and optical ports , Meet the centralized control of more equipment , And the need for greater data transmission . Can create a set of communication + control + Power supply and other functions are integrated into the intelligent multi-function rod of the Internet of things ,

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