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UAV project tracking record 65 - wireless transceiver module circuit

2022-04-29 08:46:53wyssailing

The following figure is the schematic diagram of wireless transceiver module and Bluetooth module , Firstly, the wireless transceiver module is introduced :

  Wireless transceiver module NRF24L01 The functions are as follows :

nRF24L01 By NORDIC Production work in 2.4GHz~2.5GHz Of ISM Band Monolithic wireless Transceiver chip . The wireless transceiver includes : Frequency generator 、 Enhanced “SchockBurst” Mode controller 、 power amplifier Crystal oscillator 、 Modulator and demodulator .

   The output power channel selection and protocol setting can be through SPI  Interface Set it up . It can be connected to almost all kinds of Single chip microcomputer chip , And complete wireless data transmission .

The functions of the pins are described as follows :

  The pins are CSN、SCK、MISO、MOSI、IRQ、CE.

  CSN: Chip selection line ,CSN Working for low-level chip .

  SCK: Chip controlled The clock Line (SPI The clock )

  MISO: Chip control data line ( In and out ) 

  MOSI: Chip control data line ( The main out comes from the in )

  IRQ: Interrupt signal . wireless communication In the process MCU Mainly through IRQ And NRF24L01 communicate .

  CE: The mode control line of the chip . stay CSN In the case of low ,CE synergy NRF24L01 Of CONFIG.

Circuit analysis :

The peripheral circuit of this chip is a typical circuit given in the chip manual . By crystal oscillator circuit , Antenna transceiver circuit and filter circuit .

The principle of the specific antenna circuit has not been found yet , Let's discuss it later !

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