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Receive the JSON string from the front end, and summarize the methods of parsing and value taking at the back end

2022-04-29 09:06:47Sun Xiao~

Receive from the front end json character string , Summary of back-end analytical value taking methods

We often encounter receiving from the front end in our work json String data in format , Then the back-end is parsed . It happens that today's project is useful to , Here is a summary .

Need to use a jar package , Here is jar Download address of the package

link : Click here to download the required jar package . Extraction code :8tfu

package jsonCh;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;


public class jsonTest {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		//1. For example, the reception from the front end is like this json character string , But we can't get it directly name sex phone The corresponding value of , So you have to parse this string ,
		String stu = "{\"name\":\"ss\",\"sex\":\"1\",\"phone\":\"123456789\"}";
		// First convert to JSONObject type 
		JSONObject stuObj = JSON.parseObject(stu);
		// adopt JSONObject Medium getString("key") Method , Get the corresponding value 
		System.out.println("name:"+stuObj.getString("name")+" sex:"+stuObj.getString("sex"));

		//2. The string contains an array of , For example, the following string 
		String stuInfo = "{\"classId\":1,\"stuInfo\":[{\"name\":\"aa\",\"sex\":\"1\",\"phone\":\"123456789\"},{\"name\":\"bb\",\"sex\":\"0\",\"phone\":\"987654321\"}]}";
		JSONObject stuInfoObj = JSONObject.parseObject(stuInfo);// First convert to JSONObject type 
		System.out.println(" class id:"+stuInfoObj.getString("classId"));// Get to class id
		String stuInfoStr = stuInfoObj.getString("stuInfo");// Get stuInfo This json character string 
		System.out.println(" Student information collection :"+stuInfoStr);
		JSONArray jsonstuInfo = JSONObject.parseArray(stuInfoStr);// take stuInfo It can be interpreted as json Array 
		for (int i = 0; i < jsonstuInfo.size(); i++) {
    // Traverse student information 
			JSONObject jsonStuInfo = jsonstuInfo.getJSONObject(i);// Take the data according to the subscript , Every data is another JSONObject object , So use JSONObject receive 
			String name = jsonStuInfo.getString("name");
			String sex = jsonStuInfo.getString("sex");
			String phone = jsonStuInfo.getString("phone");
			System.out.println(" The student's name is :"+name+" Gender is :"+sex+" The phone number is :"+phone);


This is the information output from the console :
 This is the information output from the console

So to conclude :
Actually received from the front desk json Format string , It all looks like map, That is, the key value is right , We just need to convert the string to JSONObject, Then get the corresponding value through the key name .
If it's more complicated ,map There's a collection in the , That is to convert the string into JSONObject Of , Then get the string of the collection through the key name , Then turn this string into JSONArray Type of , Then you can traverse the collection

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