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Beijing has opened the pilot of unmanned operation of passenger cars, and the driverless air outlet has arrived

2022-04-29 10:12:53Oriental Information automobile

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4 month 28 Japan , Beijing issues notice of unmanned manned demonstration application , Baidu became the first approved enterprise , Turnip express, its self driving travel service platform, officially opened the unmanned self driving travel service . It means “ No one behind the steering wheel ” For the first time, China's autonomous driving service has been opened in mega cities .

High level automatic driving can effectively solve the problem of increasing labor cost 、 Traffic safety 、 There are many pain points such as the shortage of drivers , At present, the scenes available for the landing of automatic driving products can be roughly divided into urban open scenes 、 High speed scene 、 Closed scene . The agency pointed out that , Autonomous driving is a trillion potential market , It is estimated that the market space of urban opening scene is the largest . With the gradual improvement of laws and regulations 、 Continuous progress of self driving enterprises' own technology 、 The gradual maturity of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain OEM Close cooperation with the scene party , Autopilot landing speed may increase .

According to the theme library of the financial Associated Press , Related listed companies :

STARNet Yuda driverless , Key customers have realized batch supply , It mainly includes meituan unmanned delivery vehicle 、 Turnip fast running unmanned taxi and Baidu Apollon unmanned bus, etc .

Tianmai technology and Baidu in 2020 year 5 month 8 A cooperation framework agreement was signed on , The company joined Baidu Apollo Intelligent transportation ecology , At present, it has cooperated with Baidu in Longhu autonomous bus project in Zhengdong New Area .

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