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<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title> Angry bird net </title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/common.css"/>


<div class="container">

	<div class="header">
		<a href="index.html"><img src="images/header.jpg"/></a>
	<div class="nav">
		<a href="index.html"> homepage </a>
		<a href="info.html"> Movie information </a>
		<a href="plot.html"> synopsis </a>
		<a href="role.html"> Role profile </a>
		<a href="make.html"> Film making </a>
		<a href="gag.html"> Behind the scenes gags </a>
		<a href="mean.html"> The meaning of the film </a>
		<a href="word.html"> Popular film reviews </a>
		<a href="register.html"> Fan registration </a>
		<a href="login.html"> Fans log in </a>
	<div class="wrapper">

		<div class="text">
			<h2> Popular film reviews </h2>
			<img src="images/word.jpg"/>
			<p> The film is colorful and bright , The plot is compact , A strong sense of entertainment , Have unexpected inspirational effects . Than similar game adaptation movies 《 Assassins creed 》 And 《 warcraft 》 More fan base , And the effect of the film is far beyond the expectations of the audience , The complete story not only fits the game very well , Dense laugh points are very abundant , It's also a surprise for some movie fans (《 variety 》、《 The Hollywood Reporter 》 review ).</p>
			<p> The picture is exquisite and smooth , Narrative coherence , There's a lot of funny stuff , There are many small colored eggs interspersed among them . From a successful game to an excellent animated film ,《 Angry birds 》 It did . good-looking 、 Pleasantly surprised 、 Funny , Like 《 Zootopia 》、《 How to train your dragon master 》. The details in the film are particularly rich ,《 Hotel California 》 All the posters can let the audience study deeply after watching the film . After watching the film, I also want to open the game and experience again ( Sina 、 tencent 、 Southern Metropolis Daily ).</p>
			<p> The film is not as advertised in the pre screening film , fit “ The whole family is happy ”. A film dialogue , Basically ignored the impact on children , Adopt a nearly adult narrative . A picture with sharp color contrast will leave a deep impression on children , But the pig and bird Carnival Party in the scene , It's very close to the picture of a nightclub party , in addition , Illegal driving 、 Have a drink after work 、 The hero's late bird has been peeping at the beautiful mother bird . These imply the negative energy of adult society “ stem ”, Let the inspirational story of birds vs. green pigs get a lot of discount (《 Beijing daily 》 review ).</p>

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