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HTML + CSS + JS to make simple animation web pages

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<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title> Big fish Begonia net </title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/common.css"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/roll.js"></script>


<div class="container">
	<div class="wrapper">
		<div class="header">
			<a href="index.html"><img src="images/header.jpg"/></a>
		<div class="nav">
			<a href="index.html"> homepage </a>
			<a href="info.html"> Movie information </a>
			<a href="plot.html"> synopsis </a>
			<a href="role.html"> Role profile </a>
			<a href="make.html"> Film making </a>
			<a href="gag.html"> Behind the scenes gags </a>
			<a href="mean.html"> The meaning of the film </a>
			<a href="word.html"> Popular film reviews </a>
			<a href="register.html"> Fan registration </a>
			<a href="login.html"> Fans log in </a>
		<div id="focus" class="focus">               
			<ul id="focus_image" class="focus_image">
				<li class="now"><a href="info.html"><img src="images/focus1.jpg"/></a></li>
				<li><a href="plot.html"><img src="images/focus2.jpg"/></a></li>
			<ul id="focus_button" class="focus_button">
				<li class="on"></li>
		<div class="line">
			<h3><a href="plot.html"> synopsis </a></h3>
			<p><a href="plot.html"> All living humans , It's a huge fish in the sea ; When they were born, they set out from this side of the sea . Their lives are like crossing the sea , Sometimes we meet , Sometimes apart …… When I die , They reached the shore , Go to your world . Four and a half billion years ago , On this planet , Only a vast ocean , And a herd of old big fish . In a space parallel to the human world , There is a regular life 、 An orderly group , They work for God , Be in charge of the operation law of all things in the world , Also in charge of the human soul . Their sky is connected with the sea of the human world . They are neither gods , It's not human either , They are “ others ”. On your sixteenth birthday , Live in “ God's enclosure ” One of them is called “ Toona ” The girl turned into a dolphin and toured the world , As a result, I was trapped by a net in the sea , A human boy fell into the deep sea and died because he saved her . Resurrect the human boy in return for his kindness , She needs to be in her own world , Through all kinds of difficulties and obstacles , Help the soul of the dead boy , Grow into a bigger fish than a whale and return to the sea . But this process has gone through all kinds of difficulties and obstacles , With her childhood friend “ Qiu ” Silently guarding her , Constantly violate “ god ” All kinds of disasters caused by the laws of the world .</a></p>
		<div class="item">
			<h3><a href="make.html"> Film making </a></h3>
			<a href="make.html"><img src="images/make.jpg"/></a>
			<p><a href="make.html"> The world outlook of the film comes from a dream of Liang Xuan , Creativity comes from 《 Chuang tzu · unfettered 》 Medium “ There are fish in the north , Its name is Kun , Kunzhida , I don't know if it's thousands of miles ”, On this basis, we have constructed our own world outlook ; The prototype of the story comes from the director's two dreams , The film also incorporates many from ancient books 《 And seas 》、《 Stories of Immortals 》 And ancient myths “ the goddess patching the sky ” And other traditional elements , And create a fantasy world based on these elements ; The scene of the film comes from the Chinese Hakka enclosure .</a></p>
		<div class="item">
			<h3><a href="word.html"> Popular film reviews </a></h3>
			<a href="word.html"><img src="images/word.jpg"/></a>
			<p><a href="word.html">《 Begonia big fish 》 Whether it's the beautiful Chinese painting style , Or the plot lines containing Chinese Classical Philosophy , It's all impressive . The character's costume modeling , Ancient and magnificent Tulou and red lanterns hanging on the upper floor of Tulou , And the toon is guided by the stone lion 、 Visit the wonderful dreamlike scenery on lingpo road , Including the beautiful Begonia tree , Both have strong Chinese painting style , Magnificent; ornate; fascinating , The artistic conception is long ; Plot and character setting , Full of imagination and creativity , It contains the speculation of Chinese Classical Philosophy .</a></p>

		<div class="list">
			<h3><a href="role.html"> Toona </a></h3>
			<a href="role.html"><img src="images/role1.jpg"/></a>
			<p><a href="role.html"> Live in “ God's enclosure ” The girl in the , Strong and persistent character , Looks a little cold and serious , But the heart is very delicate . Chinese toon is in charge of the growth of Begonia flowers . She is curious about the human world , In return , Revive the boy Kun at the cost of half his life . Finally, I came to the world with Kun .</a></p>
		<div class="list">
			<h3><a href="role.html"> Qiu </a></h3>
			<a href="role.html"><img src="images/role2.jpg"/></a>
			<p><a href="role.html"> The boy in charge of autumn wind , The childhood sweetheart of Toon , Having no parents since childhood , Raised by grandma . He grew up short of discipline , Heaven is not afraid of , But deep inside , But he is most afraid of suffering the people he loves . Later, he traded with lingpo and exchanged his life for Chun's life , And sent Chun and Kun to the world .</a></p>
		<div class="list">
			<h3><a href="role.html"> Kun </a></h3>
			<a href="role.html"><img src="images/role3.jpg"/></a>
			<p><a href="role.html"> Kun was originally a human boy , Unknown background . He sacrificed his life to save the dolphin , The soul becomes a fish , From a pocket fish to a Beiming monster “ Kun ”, At a certain time, it can be in human form . With Qiu's help , Later, I met Chun again in the world .</a></p>
		<div class="list">
			<h3><a href="role.html"> Baize </a></h3>
			<a href="role.html"><img src="images/role4.jpg"/></a>
			<p><a href="role.html"> The kitten raised by Chun , It is said that the famous divine beast on Kunlun Mountain . It's all white , With wings , Can speak human words , Connect all things . It knows the names of all the ghosts in the world 、 Morphology and dispelling methods , It is said that Zhong Kui's Mount , So from very early on , It is worshipped as an exorcism God and auspicious omen .</a></p>
		<div class="footer">Copyright @ 2022  Big fish Begonia net   copyright </div>


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