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Belkin: it's too early to talk about real wireless space charging

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IT The home of 4 month 29 Daily news , Earlier this week , Israeli start-ups Wi-Charge Revealed its plan to launch a true wireless charger , The charger does not require Qi base .Wi-Charge Of CEO Ori Mor mention , Working with Belkin , This product may be released as early as this year .

But according to Ars Technica reports , Belkin recently expressed the opposite view , Now talking about real wireless charging “ Too early ”.

Belkin spokesperson Jen Wei He said in a statement. , The company has been working with Wi-Charge Work closely on product concepts . However , And Wi-Charge The CEO said the opposite , Real wireless chargers may still need For years To launch .

According to Belkin , Both companies are committed to research and development of new technologies , To make real wireless charging a reality , However, products using this technology can only be tested many times to confirm its “ Technical feasibility ” Before it can be put on the market .

in other words , Belkin seems unlikely to launch a real wireless charger this year .

IT Home learned ,Wi-Charge The technology is based on a transmitter plugged into a wall socket , Convert electrical energy into a safe infrared beam , Transmit electric energy wirelessly . Devices around this transmitter can receive 12 rice Electric energy within the radius , Power up to 1W, Although you can't charge your mobile phone , But it can work with headphones 、 Remote control and other accessories are used together .

before , millet 、OPPO、 Motorola and other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have released the concept technology of true wireless charging , It can realize space charging .

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