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What is the commercialization process of unmanned robotaxi after China allows driverless steering wheel?

2022-04-29 11:11:37Chinese industry information station

“ There is no safety officer at the driver's seat ” Behind the license opening , Autonomous driving is really safe ? and Robotaxi The commercialization of , To what extent ?

The safety officer moved to the front passenger Automatic driving is safer ?

According to the policy formulated and released by the leading area of intelligent Internet connected vehicles in Beijing 《 Detailed rules for the implementation of the management of impersonal road test and demonstration application of passenger cars in the policy leading area of intelligent Internet connected vehicles in Beijing 》( abbreviation 《 Implementation rules 》) Regulations , Demonstration enterprises that have obtained the license of unmanned automatic driving , It can be used in Beijing high-level automatic driving demonstration area 60 The demonstration area of manned road in the open square kilometer .

according to 《 Implementation rules 》 requirement , Baidu and Xiaoma Zhi will invest in the first batch 14 Platform vehicle , Including Baidu 10 car , Xiaoma Zhixing 4 car , Baidu also announced that it would continue to invest in 30 Unmanned vehicle , Participate in the demonstration application . And here 14 In a car , The driver's position is no longer equipped with a safety officer , It's just that the co pilot position is equipped with a safety officer .

According to unmanned Robotaxi Divided into three stages of promotion . In the first stage, there is no safety officer in the main driving position 、 The co pilot has a safety officer , The second stage is that there is no safety officer in the front row , The third stage is that there is no safety officer in the whole vehicle . From the safety officer of the main driver to no safety officer of the main driver , This is within China Robotaxi The key step in landing .

“ Automatic driving has a stronger advantage than human drivers , First and foremost, it is safer than human drivers , Effectively reduce the incidence of traffic accidents . Because it will only be objective 、 science 、 Make reasonable travel judgment , It effectively avoids the subjective misjudgment of human drivers , Overtake and grab the track 、 Drag racing 、 Drunk driving 、 Irregular driving and so on .” stay 《 Intelligent transportation 》 In a Book , Baidu Robin Lee has pointed out more than once ,“ Automatic driving is safer than human driving .”

According to the official website of the International Road Safety Association , Every year there are about 135 Ten thousand people died in traffic accidents , This means that the global average 24 One person died in a traffic accident in seconds . Regarding this , A report by Boston Consulting believes that , Intelligent driving is expected to become the most far-reaching technology since the invention of automobile , Smart cars and self driving taxis , In particular, shared autonomous taxis are widely used in urban areas , Can reduce the number of cars on city streets 60%, At the same time reduce 90% Road traffic accidents .

“ stay 《 Outline of building a powerful transportation country 》 In the background , This is also the reason why Beijing has actively increased its efforts to make policy trials first , Seize the strategic opportunity of industrial development , Accelerating the innovation and development of intelligent networked vehicles , It is also a major breakthrough in the development of automatic driving in China .” Some industry experts commented that .

Co founder and CEO Peng Jun further stated that ,“ Release of unmanned manned demonstration application , It is the key policy node of the industry's transition from unmanned road test to unmanned commercialization pilot , At the same time, it bears the significance of industry and Technology . The first batch of unmanned demonstration application licenses , This will lay a solid foundation for the wider market application of automatic driving technology in the future .”

Speed up business Robotaxi The future has to ?

2018 year 12 month ,Waymo Self driving manned service launched Waymo One Online in Phoenix , This is regarded as a global self driving taxi (Robotaxi) The beginning of business .

2021 year 6 month ,Cruise Obtain a license from the California Utilities Commission , Become the first self driving passenger service company in California that can provide all unmanned passenger services on public roads . Same year 8 month , Baidu upgrade Apollo Go, Launch self driving travel service platform “ Radish, run ”, Four months after its release , At Baidu 2021 year Q4 results , Radish run orders for radish run in the fourth quarter were about 21.3 Thousands of single , Nearly doubled month on month .

Just last week , Musk is introducing to the market tesla Q1 Performance at the same time , They also expressed their love for Tesla Robotaxi( Self driving taxi ) stay 2024 The expectation of annual mass production , And call it “ Tesla's huge driving force for growth ”.

Waymo、Cruise、 Baidu 、 Tesla and other companies have successively invested Robotaxi Behind the landing and promotion , The entrance of the head player , It shows Robotaxi The exploration of commercialization and the prospect of its application . that ,Robotaxi Whether the turning point of commercialization has come ?

stay 《 Intelligent Transportation : Affect the future of mankind 10-40 The great change of 》 In a Book , Robin Lee once discussed several key factors for the commercialization and maturity of autonomous driving . They are mass production of front loading and cost reduction 、 To security officers and large-scale commercial operations .

With Baidu and Ma Zhixing getting the license of unmanned demonstration application at the same time , The commercialization of autonomous driving has once again taken a key step towards becoming a safety officer . In terms of mass production of front loading and cost reduction , last year 6 month , Baidu Apollo Moon The single vehicle cost has been reduced to 48 Ten thousand yuan , According to the Morgan chase Zeng judgment , Baidu automatic driving travel service platform — Radish run is expected to be in 2022 Reached the inflection point in , stay 2025 Realize single vehicle profit in . meanwhile , At present, automatic driving manufacturers carry out Robotaxi Service is also gradually accumulating the ability of large-scale operation .

When reducing costs 、 The three factors of de security officer and large-scale commercial operation are gradually mature , Large scale application of automatic driving , Will no longer be far away . however , In the alternation of new and old industries , At a time when user trust still needs to be improved ,Robotaxi The development of commercial application of autonomous driving , It still needs more time and energy .

Robotaxi The dawn of self driving commercial has come , But it still takes a long time to climb and walk until dawn .

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