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A lot of trouble, cook also worried: a quarter less than $8 billion

2022-04-29 11:11:44Chinese industry information station

Today, Apple announced that as of 3 month 31 The first quarter results of , The strong growth of this financial report has to some extent resolved the market's concern that the uncertain macroeconomic outlook will affect the demand of the consumer electronics market . However , Apple's expectation after the announcement of the financial report has once again aroused investors' concern that the global supply chain crisis continues to be difficult to ease , As a result, Apple's share price once fell after hours 3.5%, Currently narrowed to 2.3%. since this year on , Apple's share price has fallen cumulatively 10%.

Apple achieved revenue in that quarter 972.8 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 8.59%, Higher than expected 938.9 Billion dollars . Although it continues to grow strongly , But this is also the past 6 Apple failed to achieve double-digit revenue growth for the first time in the last quarter . Net profit for the quarter 250 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 6%, Equivalent to earnings per share 1.52 dollar , Higher than the market expected 1.43 dollar .

Apple CFO Maastri (Luca Maestri) Explain this , The performance in the same period last year was significantly boosted during the epidemic ( Sales soared in the quarter 54%), Therefore, it affects the comparison base of this quarter . Besides , Adverse exchange rate changes also brought a drag of two percentage points on the revenue of the quarter . Same as this , Microsoft It was also mentioned earlier that the impact of exchange rate changes was higher than previously expected . The main revenue of technology companies comes from overseas markets ,

Season iPhone Business revenue 505.7 Billion dollars , Higher than the market expected 478.8 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 5.5%. It is worth mentioning that , A message from the supply chain said , suffer iPhone 13 Series of hot sales promote , Apple has set the end of the year iPhone 13 Series capacity increased to 9000 Thousands of , Compared with the previous generation of products, it has increased 20%. And by contrast ,iPhone SE The third generation has encountered market indifference .

Season Mac Business revenue 104.4 Billion dollars , Higher than the market expected 92.5 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 14.73%. For the past two years , Apple has gradually completed Mac Full conversion of business M Chip migration process . Not only has it been recognized by the market , Achieved revenue growth , More because of giving up Intel Switch to your own chip , Increased product profits .

iPad Business revenue 76.5 Billion dollars , Higher than the market expected 71.4 Billion dollars , But it has once again become Apple's only declining business line , It's down year on year 1.92%. Cook explained that ,iPad Performance is affected by very serious supply chain constraints . Analysts' estimates , The decline in revenue in the quarter may be due to Apple's downward adjustment iPad Capacity to ensure iPhone Production factors .

Revenue of service business in the current quarter 198.2 Billion dollars , Higher than the market expected 197.2 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 17.28%, Become the strongest business in the quarter , The proportion of revenue has exceeded 20%. Thanks to Apple's video 、 music 、 Content 、 Continuous investment in payment and other fields , Over the past few years , The service business has maintained a stable double-digit growth , Become the main driving force of Apple's revenue growth . Maastri also stressed , Seasonal app store 、 music 、 Cloud services and Apple Care And other service businesses have reached a new high in revenue . The number of paying users of Apple's seven services has reached 8.25 Hundreds of millions of people , Compared with the same period last year, it has increased 4000 ten thousand people .

Wearable and in season parts Business revenue growth 12%, achieve 88 Billion dollars , But it was lower than analysts expected 90.5 Billion dollars . Maastri explained , This is because the demand for some accessories varies seasonally , But Apple watches and AirPods The sales of the business are good .

Apple's revenue in Greater China in the second quarter was 183.43 Billion dollars , Same period as last year 177.28 US $billion growth 3.5%.

Besides , Apple also announced approval 900 Billion dollar stock Buyback program , Last year 883 The sky high repurchase rate of $100 million .

however , What really worries the market is what Apple said at the analyst meeting . Since the outbreak , Apple refused to release its next quarter earnings forecast , This time it's no exception . But Apple CEO Cook said , Apple's performance will inevitably be affected by the war in Ukraine and the suspension of the epidemic in China .

But cook stressed , Although the company's performance will be affected , But he also fully believes that Apple's team and employees can overcome this difficulty ; And as the factory reopens , There is reason to believe that the situation may not be as bad as expected .

According to analysts' expectations , At present, apple 85% Our products are assembled in China , The Greater China market accounts for... Of Apple's total revenue 20%. Therefore, the suspension of the epidemic in the Chinese market will have a certain impact on Apple . Besides , Rising global energy and food prices triggered by the war in Ukraine , May continue to raise inflation , It will also curb the demand and expenditure of consumer electronics .

Maastri admits , The war in Ukraine will adversely affect Apple's revenue in the second quarter , But he didn't give an estimate , May only be affected more than in the first quarter . He was affected by the supply chain problems caused by the epidemic 、 Many factors such as the shortage of chip supply and the decline of demand , The company's revenue may decrease in the second quarter of this year 40 Billion -80 Billion dollars , The extent of impact may be higher than that in the first quarter .

This year, 1 month , Apple expects its first quarter revenue to decrease by more than... Due to supply chain problems 60 Billion dollars . But Cook said today , The actual supply chain constraints in that quarter were significantly better than those in the fourth quarter of last year .

Maastri also mentioned , Apple's suspension of sales in the Russian market may bring... To its revenue in the second quarter 1.5 Percentage point drag , Exchange rate changes may bring about nearly 3 Percentage point drag . But he expected , Apple's services business can still achieve double-digit growth in the second quarter .

Sina science and technology Zheng Jun is from Silicon Valley

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