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Heapdump performance community special series 7: front door opener of large factory -- Application Practice of fluent

2022-04-29 11:53:51Heapdump performance community

HeapDump Performance community content topic , Pack knowledge and learn together :

A series of : Understand database performance optimization

Series two : Hand in hand to teach you OOM

series 3、 ... and : Seven days of Chinese New Year , Day day up

Series IV : Back end interview essential question set

Series five : Understand front-end performance optimization practices

Series six : Hands teach you to play JVM performance tuning


Flutter yes Google Open source build user interface (UI) tool kit , Help developers to build multi platform beautiful applications efficiently through a set of code base , As a ios、androd and web Compatible development platform ,Flutter It has won the love of many front-end engineers in large factories , And skilled Flutter The development and optimization technology has also entered the Ali department 、 Meituan 、 Ctrip 、 JD.COM 、 Tencent and other companies are indispensable stepping stones , This week's topic brings you Flutter The practical application of , I hope you can think more while reading !


Flutter In the Performance Optimization Practice of Ctrip train ticket !

Ctrip train tickets have been sold on a large scale in the list pages of more than ten core businesses and mainstream processes Flutter practice . After more than a year of development 、 maintain , A set of effective performance optimization schemes are summarized . This paper mainly introduces the combination performance analysis tool , To identify 、 distinguish 、 Locate some performance issues , And be able to find specific methods and code locations , Help solve problems faster . Besides , We will also share some performance optimization cases and experience optimization we have done , I hope it can give you some inspiration .


Meituan FlutterWeb Exploration and practice of performance optimization

Meituan takeout merchants serve App、PC And other diversified forms provide businesses with order management 、 Commodity maintenance 、 Customer evaluation 、 A series of services such as takeout class , And App、PC The dual end business functions are basically aligned . At the same time also in PC The multi store management function for chain merchants is specially provided on the . stay App in , Can be based on FlutterNative Provide high-performance Services ; stay PC End sum Mobile Browser , utilize FlutterWeb Low cost adaptation , It improves the overall efficiency of production and Research .

However, the loading performance problem is MTFlutterWeb The biggest obstacle to application and promotion . This article mainly takes meituan takeout merchants as the stage to provide you with an optimization idea .


Flutter Hybrid stack routing practice and optimization

stay Flutter In the scenario of mixed development with native , Routing is an inextricable topic . However, there are still memory exceptions in the solutions in the industry , Changes to the bottom of the official hierarchy also need to be stepped on . In our project practice , A hybrid stack routing framework is extracted . Memory is further optimized , Clear the modification of the underlying code , At the same time, it is easier to Flutter SDK upgrade .


Jingdong in Flutter Optimization Practice of memory overflow caused by loading a large number of pictures

With Flutter The stable version is updated step by step , JD.COM APP Inside Flutter Business is also growing ,Flutter Development provides us with an efficient development environment 、 Excellent cross platform adaptation 、 Rich functional components and animation 、 Close to the original interactive experience , But then there are some OOM problem , Through online monitoring information and Observatory The reason why we find the problem is that Flutter Memory overflow caused by a large number of pictures loaded in the page , This is also one of the common problems in native development ,Flutter The official offers us Image widget Realize picture loading and display , Only by understanding Flutter In order to find out the essence of the problem, the loading principle and image memory management method of image can be used , This article will focus on Flutter The principle of loading pictures in , What should be paid attention to in the process of use and optimization ideas and means , Hope to bring you some inspiration and help .


tencent MOO Music about Flutter Memory management ( On )

tencent MOO Music about Flutter The actual investigation of memory leakage ( in )

tencent MOO Music about Flutter Memory optimization strategy ( Next )

MOO Music is TME Its cutting-edge music service , Its team is the earliest practice in the company Flutter One of the pioneers of . This series of articles will refine MOO APP Situations encountered in development , Just Flutter Memory usage management , Share some basic knowledge of daily development 、 Pay attention to the point 、 Troubleshooting methods and optimization schemes . The article on memory management is divided into 、 in 、 Next three , This is the second part .


Taobao Special Edition Flutter Practice of page performance optimization under R & D mode

Taobao special edition is an application within the group Flutter There are many technical scenarios , Applications with more than 100 million users . At present, our home page 、 details 、 The store 、 my , Look at the short video , And evaluation , Settings and other secondary pages are in use Flutter Technical construction . because Flutter Strictly speaking, it is only a kind of “UI Rendering frame ”, It implements sub thread rendering through asynchrony UI, And through Skia Ensure both ends “ Consistency of rendering ”. But the child thread executes and renders , And dynamic library packaging these strategies are not “ Take all ”, It will lead to the loss of page opening performance and the increase of interactive time . Just imagine ,app Dynamic library loaded at startup dynamic binding( Affect the start-up time ), When the page starts, the main thread starts the page , but ui Rendering needs to wait Flutter Sub threads of execute and render , The page on the low-end machine will be briefly white ( When the page is not rendered, it will affect the interactive time , although fps Deceptive increases ).

Flutter There are performance bottlenecks , But heavy use Flutter R & D how we achieve performance optimization ?


That's all for this sharing , If you have any questions, you can raise them in the comments ~

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