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Introduction to front-end Er excellent resources

2022-04-29 12:42:48Yang tree Yang tree


Training resources

freeCodeCamp(opens new window)

freeCodeCamp It is a free and open source website abroad , There are all kinds of courses , There are also many valuable experience articles , This platform is very suitable for both want to learn knowledge , Friends who want to practice


W3cShcool(opens new window)

W3c and freeCodeCamp In fact, it's almost , It's just a domestic paid website , It's not bad .

  Next comes the collection of resources for learning knowledge !

Video resources

Video online class is a set of dark horse programmers I watch


HTML and CSS course (opens new window)

JavaScript Basic grammar

JavaScript Basic grammar (opens new window)

JavaScriptBOM and DOM operation

JavaScriptBOM and DOM operation (opens new window)

In four hours Vue

In four hours Vue(opens new window)

Document resources

MDN「 contain HTML,CSS,JS Almost all the basic content 」

MDN Is an excellent front-end advanced essential reference book , It has everything , Can meet your needs !

MDN file (opens new window)

Novice tutorial HTML 

Novice tutorial HTML(opens new window)

Novice tutorial CSS

Novice tutorial CSS(opens new window)

Novice tutorial JS

Novice tutorial JS(opens new window)

My little project

personal web sites (opens new window)

This is our personal project , I've already introduced you to , Details can be stamped Super nice personal web page , You don't know yet fork once ?_ Yangshu Yangshu's blog -CSDN Blog _ Good looking personal website ,

There are only two pictures here ~


Count the number of websites that do their own questions

this(opens new window)

This really doesn't poke , You can see your progress , With the increase of the number of questions, I always have a sense of achievement

A super fun website

This website was found while wandering around the Internet , If you want to do something interesting , You can just click in and find , For example, the more interesting part of this website is :

  This is just one of them demo, You can try with your own photos , There may be surprises

this(opens new window)

Beautiful code snippet generation

This website allows you to generate very beautiful screenshots of code fragments , It supports dark mode and various preset language themes .

You can also choose the background color and Padding Spacing pinch

Code generation screenshot (opens new window)

You can learn all kinds of... From this website CSS The technique of , To help you develop more beautiful Web application .

CSS Trick(opens new window)

A website that allows designers and web developers to choose excellent color schemes .

Color website (opens new window)

Personal avatar generation



You can create a avatar with a background from your own photos  

Avatar generation (opens new window)

Make a resume

Websites that produce high-quality resumes ~

most important of all , This website is free ~

Make a resume (opens new window)

That's all the content of this issue .

Material selection is not easy , Give me a good collection ~

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