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Node under windows JS installation detailed steps tutorial

2022-04-29 12:47:54ty_ xiumud

Node Download and install of

Node.js Official website download :
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All the way fool installation can . After that, you need to make some settings . Be careful Your installation here is generally not in C Disk mounted . If you choose to install C disc , Subsequent operations can also be simplified a lot , But not recommended .
After installation, open the command line tool (Win+r Then output cmd that will do ) Use
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node -v
npm -v

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It shows your corresponding version , Can verify successful installation

Other configuration

0, Environmental description and preparation

Here the author's installation directory is as follows E:\nodejs
Create two new folders under the installation directory node_global And node_cache
These two folders are used to store the location of your subsequent downloaded packages and the location of cache files .

1, System variable Settings

Set your environment variables
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Open the direct search environment variable , Open the can .

In your system environment variables Path add to

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Add... To your user variable NODE_PATH

NODE_PATH The address is as follows E:\nodejs\node_modules
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User environment variable Path Add

that will do .
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Collection blog , Restart the computer , Make sure your environment is effective .

Place the downloaded package in your installation directory

Set global directory and cache directory , After creating two empty folders , open cmd Command window , Input

npm config set prefix "E:\nodejs\node_global"
npm config set cache "E:\nodejs\node_cache"

Check that the initial configuration has been modified

npm config list

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Indicates that the modification has been successful .


Then test and install a package , See if it will be downloaded in the directory you specify ( It's your node_gloal Under the table of contents )
Note that you need to open the command line with the Administrator

npm install webpack -g

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Open the following directory , Check whether your package is installed in this directory


Source change ( solve npm Slow download problem )

First of all to see npm Download path for npm config get registry
Output is The explanation is from abroad npm Downloaded from the official website server

npm config set registry ""

This website is the new Taobao npm The address of the image source , If it fails in the future, you can baidu npm Slow download problem , Find a new mirror website .
See the output below
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The source change part refers to

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