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The starting price is less than 90000 yuan, and the National University's seven seat super value SUV xinjietu x70s is officially pre sold

2022-04-29 13:50:05Che Yandao

【 The car talks 】4 month 29 Japan , Under jietu “ National Congress 7 It's worth it SUV” New shortcut X70S Officially open presale , A total of Fanghua version 、 Youth version 、 Love Edition 、 Dynamic Edition 、 Free Edition 、 Yearning version 6 models , Price range 8.79-11.99 Ten thousand yuan , Comprehensive coverage of users' diversified car purchase options . meanwhile , The new car supports optional 7 seat , Optional price 3000 element .

Presale period , New shortcut X70S It also brings 1999 Yuan from the package of licensing, tax and insurance 、24 Term interest free loans and 2000 Yuan replacement subsidy , Further reduce the threshold for buying a car ; And provide a lifetime warranty for the whole vehicle , Standard configuration CN95 Air conditioning filter element , More value-added worry free . Besides , For users who place orders in the official flagship store of JetBlue tmall , You can also get intelligent electric sidestep or streaming media rearview mirror , Full of benefits .

As one of the main models of jietu automobile , Rapid way X70S From the beginning of its birth, with strong strength , Won the favor of users . this , New shortcut X70S stay “ Hui city leaders 2.0” Design concept and “ Kunpeng power ” Under the double blessing of , Realize the all-dimensional advanced of appearance and strength , Cool upgrade , be a trend which cannot be halted .

Sex price choice , Realize lying flat and free

Be determined to follow your heart , Live your own attitude . Choose the best in your ability , This is the intransigence of the new generation . New shortcut X70S Enter at this time , It provides the best choice for consumers who swing between commodity price and product strength .

aesthetic , The new car continues the national style pedigree of jietu automobile , The lines of the whole vehicle are bright and smooth ; after “ Hui city leaders 2.0” The front face of the body reinterpreted by the design concept is more atmospheric and fashionable ,4 The creative output of the plating barrel enlivens the original monotonous body tail .

meanwhile , The wide body design makes a new shortcut X70S Also in space “ " ”, This upgrade redesigns the storage space in the car , An open storage box and a multifunctional mobile phone slot are added , The storage space of the armrest box within reach has also been expanded , Greatly improve the practicability of space .

besides ,12.3 Inch full LCD instrument matching 10.25 Inch suspended central control screen , Full “ Sai Bofeng ”; Popular 62 Inch ultra wide-angle panoramic skylight 、 Skin friendly leather seat 、36 DB library class ultra quiet cockpit and other luxury configurations are not absent . On this basis , New shortcut X70S It is also equipped with electronic shift 、 Mobile phone wired projection 、 Main driver keyless entry and other practical functions , Full of sincerity .

all , Go to the life you want

continue “ travel +” The meaning of , Enjoy the pleasure of the journey . New shortcut X70S In the original 1.5T Based on the engine , Added “ Kunpeng power ”1.6TGDI Engine options , What matches it is a 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Can be realized 197 The power of horsepower ,8.1L Economic fuel consumption , Bring excellent product experience to users .

Of course , New shortcut X70S There is also a youth version for manual gear lovers 、 Youth Edition and love Edition , It combines driving pleasure with comfort , To fully complement the diversified needs of different consumers for cars .

Security level , New shortcut X70S It's a set “ Combined boxing ”, All standard CN95 Air conditioning filter element , Protect health between breathing ; Ultra high strength cage body structure , Steel muscles and iron bones guard safety ; 360° Panoramic image and other scientific and technological functions , Pour peace of mind and tacit understanding into every trip .

Leverage the large domestic space with strength SUV Market segment pattern , Demonstrate the sincerity of iterative upgrading with additional configuration . New shortcut X70S Meet market challenges with a new lineup , Meet the increasing travel needs of users , Become the National Congress 7 seat SUV Value model of , The new car is coming on the market , Worth waiting for .

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