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This beast was blessed with skills to test drive the DHT version of Harvard beast

2022-04-29 14:04:49EV horizon

【EV Vision original test drive 】 Affected by the recent crazy surge in oil prices , It makes many owners of pure gasoline vehicles suffer , Every time you travel, you have to be careful , This situation also makes the hybrid model highly sought after . Haval beast is a familiar model in Taiwan , In last year's 12 The price of its gasoline version has been announced in January , Previously only 1.5T and 2.0T The engine is a choice for consumers .

In the past 4 month 27 Japan , Harper beast DHT Version officially appeared , The new car is equipped with a Haval lemon hybrid DHT System , from 1.5T The engine + It is composed of front single motor , Comprehensive fuel consumption is 5.5L/100km, The endurance is up to 1000km. In this period, it will be launched , It will certainly make the current hot hybrid market continue to heat up , Now let's see how it performs .

The divine beast does not adopt Harvard's familial style in appearance , It's a continuation of Harvard to the greatest extent XY The design of the , The overall visual effect is avant-garde and personalized , It is quite in line with the aesthetic characteristics of the current young people . The front face adopts star orbit decorative elements , The scattered lines create a flowing visual sense . What attracts me most , It comes from the through lamp belt above , When lit, it has high recognition .

The interior is consistent with the appearance , Similarly, Harvard's familial style is not adopted , Simplicity and generosity is my first impression when I see it . The most eye-catching is definitely the design of dual screen , Let the overall scientific and technological atmosphere rise in an instant .

motivation , New car carrying 1.5T+ Hybrid system composed of motor , The maximum power of the motor is 130kW, Maximum torque 300N·m, Combined maximum power 179kW, The comprehensive maximum torque has reached 530N·m, Maximum endurance is 1000km.

summary : After a short experience , This Harper beast DHT It left a very deep impression on me . First , In the initial stage, it is mainly driven by electricity , The overall feeling is very much like a pure electric car , Even when the power is low , The involvement of the engine is also quite insignificant , It's almost imperceptible . Although we didn't test the fuel consumption this time , But through the above feelings, we can analyze , Its fuel consumption is quite low . In this era of soaring oil prices , Drive a hybrid car with low fuel consumption , It must be more economical than pure fuel vehicles , After all, who can't get along with money ?

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