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In the era of man-machine war, how did Beijing magic cube and artificial intelligence produce chemical reaction

2022-04-29 14:08:35Global automobile network

“ Three principles of robot ”(1942):

Article 1 with a : Robots must not harm individuals , Can't see human beings being hurt, don't intervene ;

Second : The robot must obey his orders , Except when the order conflicts with Article 1 ;

Article 3 the : Robots in no violation of the first 、 Under the principle of Article 2 , To protect your own Security ;

——《 I , robot 》( Isaac · asimov )


         More than sixty years ago ,“ Artificial intelligence ” The father of Turing published 《 Computers and intelligence 》, And raised a question that still seems exciting today :“ Can machines think ?” Since then , Mankind has officially opened the scientific research of artificial intelligence .

         After three man-machine Wars ,AI Bring super strength “ chemical reaction ”

         Artificial intelligence really enters the general public The public Field of vision , It goes back to three famous “ The man-machine war ”. In the late 1990s , Computer dark blue defeated world chess champion Kasparov , Making artificial intelligence a hot topic ;2016 year ,AlphaGo Defeat the go Master Li Shishi , Artificial intelligence has once again set off a hot wave of discussion ; Just a year later ,AlphaGo Also defeated the world's first go player Ke Jie , Attracted more attention to this cutting-edge technology . These three peak duels between humans and computers , Let's really see the intelligent power of artificial intelligence , And its application in the development of machine intelligence Infinite possibility .

         When AI comes to us , Into daily life , And changing our way of life , Between us and AI , Produced some interesting “ chemical reaction ”. such as , Smart assistant, which is popular on mobile phones, loves students , A simple greeting , So they can understand our voice , This opens a man-machine dialogue , Help us complete various tasks . from “ You say I listen to ” To “ You said I did ”, Machines infused with artificial intelligence , It not only has various functions , It also has the ability to understand and execute close to people .

         Artificial intelligence “ Sweep up ” Car industry , Rubik's Cube “ restore ” Human and car life

         In recent years , AI is not just at home 、 The field of mobile phones is developing rapidly , In the car industry famous for technology and Technology , The same big show . Especially in the cockpit , The car has begun to learn “ reflection ” The path of . Take the magic cube in Beijing as an example , His intelligent performance is quite surprising .

         As early as 2017 year , Beijing automotive They began to work with Huawei , In the field of vehicle machinery , Develop deep cooperation , Its new fuel SUV—— Beijing Rubik's cube is “ Combining the ” A masterpiece of scientific and technological innovation born after . Beijing Rubik's cube is equipped with an intelligent cockpit - Hongmeng car machine OS, It is the world's first fuel using this technology models , It has multiple intelligence functions comparable to artificial intelligence and super executive power , Especially in terms of human vehicle interaction and technological Interconnection , Bring consumers a smooth experience of human-computer communication with zero obstacles , And free your hands 、 Play with the remote control of life .

         If you're tired of talking to others differently , Communication is out of sync , that , When you first stepped into this Beijing Magic Cube , When sitting in the driver's seat , It will be able to remember your physical characteristics in your first contact , Always maintain the most appropriate seat height , Let you produce a machine in the first time “ Know yourself better than yourself ” The wonderful feeling of . No matter what kind of music taste you prefer , What kind of viewing preference do you have , It can be played online for you , Super Complete Music Library and a wide range of music APP, You can instantly understand your entertainment intention , Meet your needs , That is, not “ wandering ”, Not even “ Out of tune ”, Your tacit understanding goes hand in hand , To the extent that the heart is connected . Friends occasionally “ Talk to each other ”, But it will never .

         There's more to it than that , When you're driving out , Want to get home before , well “ Arrangement ” Once , In order to open the door and feel the warm care of family , that , Beijing Rubik's cube can help you achieve this simple wish . The light comes on automatically , The air conditioner turns on automatically , Let you live in a refreshing and suitable home environment . And to achieve all this , It only depends on voice 、 gesture , Even lip recognition can do .

        Maybe there is no “ mind-reading ”, But powerful AI , But it can make the car a more and more important role in your life , Just as Beijing magic cube uses “ understanding ” Your wisdom connects your life so .

         From the creation of artificial intelligence science to the birth and application of Intelligent Technology , It has experienced different degrees of evolution and development , In all fields of today's society , We can all see it . Maybe soon , AI can really make cars “ evolution ” Become a “ emotional ” Travel robots , Let's wait .


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