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How strong is the giant wave hybrid blessing when GAC motor shadow cool makes its global debut?

2022-04-29 14:15:31New car

Future technology , Enjoy today !4 month 26 Japan , GAC motor shadow cool officially unveiled , As GAC group, gather global R & D resources 、 be based on GPMA Compact architecture SUV, Mainstream competition A-SUV market . As “ Future technology pioneers SUV”, GAC motor shadow cool through modeling 、 power 、 More avant-garde in terms of scientific and technological configuration 、 More intelligent cool elements , And with a trendy and cool co creation attitude , Quickly aroused the interest of many young consumers , Win the attention of the whole network 、 give the thumbs-up , Countless circles of powder .

Play and create ,“ Shadow cool ” On stage

since EMKOO Since the concept car appeared , Its extreme sci-fi design is very popular . In the Chinese naming of mass production models , GAC motor has further taken the form of CO creation with users , Through the collection of Chinese names on major platforms , And finally vote “ Shadow cool ” name .

As the first of trumpchi film series SUV, future , Yingku will further create and play with users , Share the future of science and technology and a better life .

Appearance transition , fail to show restraint

Overall design , Shadow cool continues EMKOO The design language of science and technology industry aesthetics of concept models , Integrate industrial precision and scientific and technological imagination , Technology , avant-garde , potential energy , Meet the individual aesthetic needs of more young consumers .

aesthetic , The front face of the transition grating is used V Font array design , Through the radial grid strip , Layers of light cast out , Like the light and shadow imprint left after the transition of time and space .

Sharp and eye-catching “ Eye of revelation ” headlight , Sharp eyes , Gaze into the future . And equipped with intelligent dynamic light effect , In the rhythm of light , It's like a coded dialogue with the future of deep space .

In the body posture , Shadow cool adopts a low front and high rear attitude , The whole vehicle shows full string momentum 、 Kinetic energy ready to go , It's like the moment the plane breaks through the sound barrier .

Body rear X Type quantum lightsaber tail lamp , With star red texture 、 Pulse light effect , Create a dynamic scrambling symbol in the dark , Whether it's urban streets 、 Or the meta universe , It is a cool shadow of mecha that can't be ignored . What's more, it's worth mentioning ,2.0T The model also has a vortex jet tail row , Four exhaust pipes are arranged longitudinally on both sides , Very functional , Explosive .

It contains heaven and earth , Perfect integration

Compared to the futuristic look , Shadow cool interior is bigger and has heaven and earth . By extracting information about “ round ” The symbol of , Moral “ Satisfactorily 、 perfect ”, And combine it with intelligent technology , Interpret the future with exquisite and simple tonality .

The most eye-catching is the design of energy storage reel , The car screen is integrated through the main driving area 、 Rotary air outlet 、 Intelligent temperature control knob 、 Tunnel atmosphere lamp and other devices , The large central control screen is like a picture slowly unfolding from a scroll , The perfect combination of science and technology and Oriental Philosophy .

Besides , Trumpchi also takes energy crystal as the design source for the first time , Launch electronic paddle shift on yingku —— Crystal electronic shift , Integrate the visual experience of science and technology industry aesthetics and cool and comfortable tactile feeling .

The seat design derived from the uniform of the spaceship pilot in the science fiction film is unique , The moment of ignition feels like starting an interstellar journey .

meanwhile , Yingku also subverts the push-pull door opening method , A paddle door lock is adopted , Toggle to open , Easy... Easy , Unlock fun Technology .

In color matching , Shadow cool offers superstar silver 、 Xinghu green 、 The starry night is black 、 Bright moon grey and snow white 5 Three appearance colors for young users to choose , The interior uses virtual players 、 Desert fantasy 、 Boundless Star Lake 、 Four sets of unique colors such as moon rock and red landscape , To meet the individual needs of different consumer groups . From the inside out , Shadow Cool shows a new evolution , A gesture to the future , With a high face value leading the times , Become the of many young consumers “ Chaopin ” Take on .

Huge wave mixing , Wuchuqi right

On the basis of fully listening to the voice of users , GAC motor has thought and accumulated for many years , In the application of Toyota THS Against the background that hybrid has achieved phased results , Further launched a new independent hybrid brand —— Huge wave mixing , The shadow cool hybrid version is a huge wave hybrid GMC2.0 The first model of the system SUV. As a leading generation of hybrid system , JuLang hybrid system relies on green engine technology , With a leading generation hybrid architecture Intelligent energy management strategy creates a whole scene, efficient, fuel-saving, quiet and smooth experience for users , Both high quality 、 Low fuel consumption 、 Strong motivation 、 Quieter 、 Super smooth and other five advantages .

2.0ATK GMC2.0 Hybrid system

motivation , In addition to carrying huge wave mixing ,2.0ATK High efficiency Atkinson engine GMC 2.0 In addition to the second generation electromechanical coupling system , In order to meet the diverse needs of users , Yingku will also be equipped with huge wave power 1.5TGDI The engine , And huge wave power 2.0TGDI The engine , Further bring users a surging and strong driving experience , Stimulate the burning desire of more young people .

Future technology , Within reach

Besides , In order to meet the needs of Z Generations are highly dependent on automotive intelligence , GAC motor shadow cool will also bring intelligent housekeeper style navigation technology . adopt ADiGO Smart Drive Internet Ecosystem , Adopt the industry-leading intelligent driving assistance system , Equipped with the industry's top Qualcomm Xiaolong 8155 chip , Shadow cool Huanxin enables super sensory interactive intelligent cockpit , Bring immersive multi-mode interactive intelligent experience to young people . Let future technology , Within reach .

As the fastest concept car to achieve mass production , Yingku deserves to be the youngest in the history of GAC motor 、 Technological SUV, It will further make GAC motor brand younger 、 Scientific and technological connotation , Become a new engine to boost the younger development of the brand . And as a new milestone , Shadow cool will also write SUV The new legend of the series .

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