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Is low code a blessing or a challenge for programmers?

2022-04-29 14:27:29CSDN program life


Low code , namely “Low-Code” , That is to say, in most cases, handwritten code can be replaced by non code methods such as visualization , Only a few specific requirements require developers to write code . So is it a blessing or a challenge for programmers ? Now let's listen to what Luo Xiaojiang, general manager of UFIDA network technology, said !



*“ After leaving office , The former boss asked me to go back and change the code ......”
* The little sister of the programmer writes the code version 《 Compendium of materia medica 》 Shuttlecock exercise , Liu Jianhong reply : very cool!
*C++ The father of Bjarne Stroustrup: The efforts of programmers in Mathematics , It will never be in vain 

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