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Do not leave the market unless necessary! Zhongshan City issued specific requirements for campus epidemic prevention after the May Day holiday

2022-04-29 14:33:49Guangdong news

Ocean net news 4 month 28 Japan , Zhongshan held the first meeting 91 Press conference on epidemic prevention and control , Chen Wei, deputy director of Zhongshan education and Sports Bureau, spoke at the meeting about the parents of teachers and students in the city “ The May Day ” Response to concerns about epidemic prevention requirements and measures during and after holidays .

As the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex ,“ The May Day ” People travel intensively during holidays 、 Liquidity is big , Chen Wei reminded teachers, students and parents in the city to actively respond to the requirements of epidemic prevention , No need to leave the market 、 Don't save , Celebrate the festival on the spot .

The majority of teachers, students and parents are strictly prohibited from going to 、 High risk areas . If you really need to go out , We should strictly implement the system of going out for approval . Teaching staff must report to the school , Students and parents should report to the head teacher , Leave the city only after approval . Strictly abide by the regulations on epidemic prevention and control during going out , Do a good job in personal safety protection , Reduce unnecessary aggregation . In order to protect senior three 、 Preparation for the third grade graduating class , Teachers, students and parents of the graduating class are advised not to go out , All celebrate the festival in Zhongshan .

For teachers, students and parents who leave Zhongshan during the holiday , Report to the community and school as soon as possible after returning , Returned from cities inside and outside the province , To rely on 24 The negative certificate of hour nucleic acid test and travel card return to post and school . Returned from outside the province , Nucleic acid detection should be implemented 3 God 2 check ; The travel card is marked with an asterisk , We should implement it 3 Days home health monitoring , Nucleic acid detection 5 God 3 check . No one left Zhongshan , It is recommended to conduct a nucleic acid test before returning to work .

meanwhile , Schools should collect in advance 、 Check the yuekang code of teachers, students and parents 、 Negative certificate of travel card and nucleic acid test , Return to work and school only after ensuring safety , All teachers and students shall carry out a nucleic acid test for all staff within one week after returning to school .

in addition , There are still schools and personnel living on the campus during the holidays , The school should strengthen the duty , Strictly manage the entry and exit of personnel , Educate and guide those who stay in school to gather less 、 Less visiting 、 Don't go out . Open the classroom 、 The library 、 Laboratories and stadiums , Ensure the study and life of those who stay in school 、 Exercise and other needs .

Please understand and cooperate with teachers, students and parents , Jointly guard the hard won achievements of campus epidemic prevention .

writing / Guangzhou daily · New flower city reporter Zhang Xiangyu The intern Zhang Yimai correspondent Zhong Xuan

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