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Use of elementui scroll bar component El scrollbar

2022-04-29 15:19:18Siege lion plus

 Usage method 
 Page in  el-scrollbar  Components 

<el-scrollbar style="height: 100%">
      <!--  Scroll bar contents to wrap  --> 
      <div class="container">  placeholder </div>

el-scrollbar  The component has the contents of the following modules :

el-scrollbar : You need to specify the height 
el-scrollbar__wrap: Package roll area 
el-scrollbar__bar is-horizontal: Horizontal scroll bar 
el-scrollbar__bar is-vertical: Vertical scroll bar 
 If you don't need a horizontal scroll bar ( No addition scoped)
<style lang="scss">
	/* element Scroll bar assembly   Hide horizontal scroll bar  */
	.sidebar-wrapper .el-scrollbar__wrap {
	  overflow-x: hidden;
	.is-horizontal {
	  display: none;

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