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GAC group has become the first pilot enterprise of "yueyouhang". Blessed are the car owners in Guangdong!

2022-04-29 15:28:53My wheel

With the rise of intelligent vehicles , Some new cooperation models have sprung up .4 month 28 Japan ,“ Yueyouxing ” The launch conference of on-board government service platform was held in GAC center . As “ Yueyouxing ” GAC group, the first pilot enterprise , Digital and intelligent gripper , Provide better government service products for the general public .

“ Yueyouxing ” It is the first government service product based on Intelligent Internet connected vehicles in China , It is innovatively designed by Guangdong Government Service Data Management Bureau , Focus on the improvement of the intelligent level of provincial digital government services and user experience , To save trouble in Guangdong 、 Yue Shang Tong 、 Guangdong Zhengyi high-quality service as the core , Deep integration with intelligent networked vehicles , An open on-board government service platform for people to travel in the province .

The first digital government service product

“ Yueyouxing ” It is planned by Guangdong Government Affairs Service Data Management Bureau , Digital Guangdong company and Guangdong Xingzhi Internet, a subsidiary of GAC group, implemented the development , On 2022 year 4 On line trial operation in the month .“ Yueyouxing ” Phase I will take GAC motor, a subsidiary of GAC group 、 GAC, AIAN and other brands are close to 10 Ten thousand intelligent connected vehicles are the pilot , Cover personal travel 、 Online rental and autonomous vehicle including Ruqi travel Robotaxi And many other application fields and scenarios ; The driving license is realized 、 The driver's license electronic certificate is on-board , Support one click query 、 One key bright card 、 Push to move the car 、 Check vehicle violation and other on-board attribute services .

in addition ,“ Yueyouxing ” It can receive the authoritative push of relevant government departments in real time , Including emergency warning 、 Important influence on the weather 、 Emergency information, etc ; Based on the location of the car , Access to authority 、 Accurate emergency shelter information , And the government service hall 、 The stadium 、 Medical treatment and other information , Convenient navigation to ; During the epidemic prevention and control period ,“ Yueyouxing ” Through the prevention and control information pushed by the government , Get early warning and reminder messages in time , View risk areas , Make health and epidemic prevention more reassuring .

It is worth mentioning that ,“ Yueyouxing ” It also creates a mobile intelligent command cockpit for civil servants , Realize multi-party video conference function , Mobile consultation 、 Emergency command 、 Remote dispatch , Handle all kinds of business easily . future ,“ Yueyouxing ” Will continue to improve AI、 Voice interaction and other intelligent government service functions , Improve the level of service intelligence , Improve the user experience .

Intelligent networking digitization as the starting point , GAC group shoulders the important task of pilot

As “ Yueyouxing ” GAC group, the first pilot enterprise , It is the largest state-owned automobile enterprise in Guangdong Province , At present, it has provided the society with more than 2000 Thousands of cars , Among them, the number of car owners in Guangdong Province is more than 800 ten thousand people . Under the new round of industrial reform , GAC Group continues to accelerate the promotion of “ electric 、 Zhilianhua 、 Sharing 、 Digitization ” The car “ New four modernizations ” Development , Actively lay out the field of intelligent networking , by “ Yueyouxing ” Development and construction of vehicle government service platform 、 Extension 、 Building an ecological closed loop of vehicle travel service provides leading technology 、 Perfect car ecology and rich user base .

all the time , GAC attaches great importance to digital and intelligent upgrading , Continuously accelerate the pace of becoming a world-class digital enterprise .2020 year , GAC group starts digital transformation , Promote digital transformation from marketing 、 Start with management and control , Gradually extend to intelligent manufacturing 、 R & D area , Remarkable results have been achieved . Through digital transformation , GAC group has effectively realized digital technology and R & D and manufacturing 、 Deep integration of operation and management , At the same time, it also cultivates and constructs the domestic leading digital platform construction and operation capacity .2021 year ,《 GAC digital transformation (G) plan 》 Selected as the only benchmark project in Guangdong Province in the enterprise management benchmarking action of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council , It reflects the achievements and strength of GAC's digital construction .

future , GAC group will give further play to the strategic supporting role of state-owned enterprises , Build a network power around the party and the government 、 Digital China 、 The requirements of a smart society , Vigorously develop the digital economy , Continue to promote big data 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Development and application of Internet of things in automobile industry and digital industry , Make more and greater contributions to promoting the development of intelligent networked automobile industry and the construction of digital government in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao !

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