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2022-04-29 15:35:51The wind blows and the clouds fly

Write it at the front :
         As a front-end with barely two years of experience , One person can be responsible for creating from the first directory to APP Landing is a rare opportunity . Many things can only be done by yourself , Will understand why the elder did this . Compared with the previous role of only taking part of the task in the team , It's really more challenging to pick the girder alone .

From a big point of view :
         The first edition of the project is ready , When receiving new requirements, we need to add internationalization function , That is, switching languages . All right , Write the configuration file , Then change each page one by one . The next step is to change the skin ,WTF? well , Change it . Finally, the skeleton screen should also be added , I'm a little jumping . Hundreds of documents have been changed one by one , More than once ? Who can resist this ? Let's forget it , Change slowly , The world of adults, money is very important .

         I realized a sentence ,“ When you have more and more things , You must consider whether you can control it

         It's a different feeling when you wade through a pit than when someone tells you where there is a pit , You might say there's nothing wrong with standing on the shoulders of giants . But then you can only jump over the pit forever , And can't fill the hole . Standing on the shoulders of giants can certainly see farther , But it is only when you walk on the ground that you are most secure .

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