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Function of host parameter in http

2022-04-29 15:48:09See the prosperity of the world

Recently, I found that the domain names in the campus official website are different , And the corresponding ip identical , Then consult the data , Come to the following conclusion :

  • 1. A domain name corresponds to only one ip Address , And one ip The address can correspond to multiple domain names .

  • 2. Different domain names resolve to the same ip Address time ,http In the head host Parameters play an important role , Mark the domain name to access , There is one on a server ip Address , You can distinguish different contents by the domain name you visit .

  • 3. On the Internet , One server is through different IP To identify . Many new sites can be created on each server , Your website program is placed in one site , Bind your domain name to this site . So a server can be bound to many domain names , That's one IP Can correspond to many domain names , But a domain name can only be bound to one site , That is to say, it corresponds to a IP.

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