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Vue environment construction -- scaffold

2022-04-29 16:10:23X Beichen North


Recently due to the project , I'm learning react Take time to learn vue, So I hereby take some study notes , If you have any questions, you are welcome to point out .

Logically speaking react and vue Their ideas are roughly the same , So I'm looking at vue The official website tutorial is also relatively smooth , Most of the content can be understood . It's going on vue Before development , We need to build the environment first , Here we introduce vue-cli Use of scaffolding .


Operation steps

1、 Actually vue-cli yes 1.X and 2.X The address in , He was in 3.X The new name in is @vue/cli, If you have already installed vue-cli This old version of scaffolding , Then use the command

npm uninstall vue-cli -g

To uninstall the old version .

2、 Use command

npm install -g @vue/cli

To install a new version of scaffolding tools , Pictured :


3、 After installation , We can use... Globally vue command , for example , We can see at this time vue Version of , as follows :



This article is just a brief introduction vue Scaffold installation , Let's use it in subsequent articles .

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