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Build a demo with Vue scaffold

2022-04-29 16:10:26X Beichen North


Introduced vue The scaffold @vue/cli The installation and vue After the installation of the basic environment , Let's give you a brief introduction vue And its application scenarios , But they all write some basic small pieces of code , It's far from being really applied to the project , This article introduces how to use scaffolding to build the foundation of the project demo frame .


Operation steps

1、 Create a new folder , Then run the command line window under this folder , Through the command

vue create mydemo

To create a project .

2、 After entering the command, you will be prompted to select a present, The default can be , Then enter the created project root directory , function

npm run serve

Command to start the project , At this point, you can see the following interface , Represents a project demo New success , And run successfully .



This article is a brief introduction to how to create a project and run it through scaffolding .

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