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WebGIS development training (ArcGIS API for JavaScript)

2022-04-29 16:10:45X Beichen North

What will be learned

1、WebGIS Learning route , employment guidance

2、WebGIS The overall construction process of the project , From the system requirements 、 Technology selection 、 Project development 、 Deploy a complete process

3、ArcGIS Platform usage process , Install... From software 、 Data import 、 Handle 、 Service release 、 Front end calls 、 A complete set of processes such as online data analysis

4、 Basic knowledge of mainstream front-end framework development ( Do not explain the framework source code , But learning materials will be provided )

5、ArcGIS API for JavaScript Official website knowledge , about 50% Knowledge of the official website ( The remaining 50% The official website knowledge is WebGIS You won't encounter... In your development career , So don't pay too much attention to )

6、Github Whole process management of project code ( Including separate branch development of functional modules ,bug Repair process , If you are interested, you can introduce GitHub Hook,Jenkines A complete set of sustainable integration processes )

8、Linux Server environment construction and project deployment process , frequently-used Linux Operational knowledge

9、NodeJS Background interface development ,pg database 、MongoDB Database operation

The course catalog

One 、WebGIS Project introduction

1、 What is? WebGIS project ?

2、 Development WebGIS What technologies should be mastered in the project ?

3、WebGIS How to develop the learning route ?

Two 、ArcGIS API for JavaScript Introduce

1、ArcGIS Introduction to the overall software system

2、ArcGIS Data import on the platform 、 Handle 、 Release 、 Introduction to the overall process of front-end call

3、ArcGIS API for JavaScript Introduce

4、 Other mainstream maps JS API Introduce ( Baidu Maps API、 Gould map API、 Sky map API、Openlayer、Cesium etc. ), Develop one each demo

3、 ... and 、Vue and React Basic development knowledge explanation ( Select the framework according to the needs of the trainees )

1、 Study in a week Vue

2、 Study in a week React

Four 、 A picture WebGIS Project development

1、 A picture of project requirements

2、 Technology selection

3、Git、GitHub Process explanation

4、 Project environment construction 、 Project initialization

5、ArcGIS API for JavaScript introduce

6、 Map module development 、 Map basic control development ( Basemap switching 、 Two / 3D switch 、 scale 、 Legend and so on )

7、 Directory tree development 、 Layer loading

8、 Property query 、 Spatial query 、 Roller shutter analysis 、 Development of multi screen comparison function module

9、 Home screen development 、 Layer data visualization (Echarts)

10、 The system is not GIS Functional module development ( Sign in 、 Chart query 、 User management, etc )

11、 Data processing and service release involved in the above functional modules

12、 Project deployment , Public server access

5、 ... and 、 Learning summary

1、 Review the overall knowledge points from the beginning

2、 carding WebGIS Develop knowledge brain map , For follow-up self-examination and review

3、 Provide simple employment guidance and consultation , And the internal promotion opportunities of some companies ( Not limited to GIS company , No 996、 The kind of company that has a hole in salary arrears )

Project development reference UI:

Course consultation :

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