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Introduction to JavaScript API for ArcGIS 13

2022-04-29 16:11:01X Beichen North

Write it at the front

This article is written in my ArcGIS API for JavaScript( Hereinafter collectively referred to as "ArcGIS JS API") One night after two years of development . There are two main purposes for writing this article , The first reason must be for more and more people to engage in WebGIS Developed GISer Provide a learning path , Of course , The learning route I provided is just a reference ; The second reason is that I want to write an article , I've been busy with projects in August , Forgot to update blog .


When is the right time to read this article

  • I was bored and wanted to learn WebGIS Before development
  • When you participate Esri National developer competition ( At present, the latest name should be " Yi Zhirui national developer competition ") when
  • When the project development involves the development of map function modules
  • Yes, the Gaud map 、 When you are interested in the technical principles behind Baidu maps or have strong technical ability and want to implement a similar map application platform

These are some of the scenes I thought of , If there's anything else that hasn't been listed , Welcome to leave a message below to add . Next, let's start with some basic introductions .


ArcGIS JS API Introduce

Said so much , Today's protagonist hasn't appeared yet , So let's talk next ArcGIS JS API What is it .

ArcGIS JS API Its full name is "ArcGIS API for JavaScript", It has two major versions so far : One is 3.X edition , The other is 4.X edition , among 3.X Version is the earliest version released , The manipulation of two-dimensional maps is more detailed ,4.X Version is a later version , It mainly adds the content of 3D map scene , At present, these two versions are updated at the same time ,3.X The latest version is 3.33,4.X The latest version is 4.16, That's all for the introduction of the version , Let's talk more about .

ArcGIS JS API, If we split its name

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