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What are the differences and relationships among HTML, CSS and JS

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html、css、js What are the differences and relationships in

This article mainly introduces html、css、js What are the differences and relationships in , The content is detailed and easy to understand , The operation is simple and fast , It has certain reference value , I believe that after reading this article html、css、js What is the difference and relationship in the article? The article will gain something , Let's have a look .

html css js What's the difference ?

In daily study ,html,css and js We've all learned , At first, I couldn't distinguish the difference and connection between the three , As knowledge grows , Have some experience . Follow Xiaomeng to see what these three technologies are , Can do ?

1、HTML—Hypertext Markup Language

Hypertext markup language . It marks all parts of the web page to be displayed by marking symbols . Web file itself is a text file , By adding a marker to the text file , It can tell the browser how to display the content ( For example, how to deal with words , How to arrange the picture , How to display the picture, etc ). Browsers read web documents in order , Then, according to the marker, it explains and displays the contents of its marker :

<html> <head> <title>HTML</title> </head> <body> </body> </html>

HTML The text contains the so-called “ Link point ”HTML Using hyperlinks , A net text that organizes text messages in different spaces . in general ,HTML It's a language that integrates web page structure and content display .

2、CSS—Cascading Style Sheet

Cascading style forms . It is a markup language that separates style information from web content . We are in the news release system , We used it CSS file , Modify the style of some labels .

html、css、js Differences and relationships in

We use CSS For each HTML Elements define styles , It can also be used for multiple interfaces . When making a global update , Just change the style .

body { border :1px solid #000;/* Overall border */ font-size :14px; }

To put it bluntly ,CSS It's just setting up a web page HTML The language of element attributes .


At first, I was very depressed about why its name was similar to Java So similar ?

It's a typical marketing success , Its promotion is successful , Also borrowed Java The east wind of . When Microsoft began to realize Javascript stay Web When it's popular among developers , Microsoft's style is still the same , Set up their own scripting language ,JScript.

Javascript Is an object-based (Object) And event driven (Event Driven) Script language with security performance . The purpose of using it is to communicate with HTML Hypertext markup language 、Java Scripting language (Java Applet ) Together in one Web Link multiple objects in page , And Web Customer interaction . For example, you can set the mouse over effect , Verify the form on the client side , Create custom HTML page , Show warning box , Set up cookie wait .

function jsHello{ alert('Hello World!'); }

Embed code HTML In language , It will pop up a... When loading “Hello World” Dialog box . As for how to embed , We are learning JS I knew it from the beginning of the video .

About “html、css、js What are the differences and relationships in ” That's all for this article , Thank you for reading ! I'm sure you're right “html、css、js What are the differences and relationships in ” Knowledge has a certain understanding , If you want to learn more , Welcome to the Yisu cloud industry information channel .

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