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Who is bunk, the new hero of endless dungeon? Introduction to new hero bunk skills

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   Who's bunk, the new hero of the endless dungeon ? There will be all kinds of heroes in this work , Each has different skills , Here we will share with you the introduction of bunk skills, the new hero of endless dungeon , Let's take a look at the details below .

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Endless dungeon new hero bunk skill Introduction

   Sheriff bunk

   Bunk's history goes back a long time , She was designed and built into an autonomous police .

   Members of the army , Life and illegal pursuit of criminals . Although bunk has always been civilized and polite , But she won't tolerate violators 、 Corrupt or rude behavior .

   With a unique set of moral conventions , Bunk rewrites the famous first law of robot behavior :“ In the course of work , Do not damage the property of the organization , Or damage to the organization's property due to inaction .” No one in this place seems to know who owns what , So bunk is free to intervene .

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   Like our other heroes , So does bunk 3 Skills . You can guess from her name , They're all tanks .

  • Trigger ( Passive skills ): The more bunk gets attacked in a short time , The higher the attack damage .

  • move back ( Special skills ): Unfold the shield to produce a shock wave , Repel 、 Stun and damage monsters .

  • Stick to ( The ultimate skill ): Create an energy dome , Monster attraction , And protect bunk from attack for a few seconds .

   The above is a brief introduction to the skills of bunk, the new hero of endless dungeon , I hope to help you understand the new hero , For more game playing methods, you can click the relevant introduction to view .

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