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Front end entry first bullet | development tools and configuration

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  One 、 preface

         First , Let's talk about the popular front-end development tools in the market , Mainly WebStorm( abbreviation ws) and Visual Studio Code( abbreviation vsc or vscode), I prefer to use it vscode, The main reason is that it is a lightweight development tool , And open source , And more compatible voice , The most important thing is that it's free ! However, it focuses on front-end development , So other languages are not professional enough , Sometimes things go wrong , So you have to use it to develop Python、C++ Professional development tools are still old .

Two 、 install

  Okay , Get to the point , Let's install our editor first , Download links are placed below :
( Domestic visits are particularly slow , So I put the Chinese website below )
VSCode Chinese net :
( need vscode You can leave a message at the bottom of the article or contact me ,qq:286267038)
Here I use VSCode For example :
After downloading the installation package, double-click to run the installation package

Then click “ I agree to this agreement ”——>“ next step ”
Select installation path , The default is C disc , And then click “ next step ”
( Because I've installed , So I don't use this step )
The default here is , And then click “ next step ”
( Because I've installed , So I don't use this step )
here , You can check “ Create a desktop shortcut ”, Creating shortcuts on the desktop is mainly to quickly open , If you don't need to , Just click “ next step ” that will do

Now? , We click “ install ”, Then the installer starts to install
Click... After installation “ complete ”. well , Now we have successfully installed VSCode 了
3、 ... and 、 Plug in installation
After installation, double-click to run VSCode, open VSCode in the future , Some partners may be confused , Because the interface is in English , But that's okay , We can install Chinese plug-ins
Sample plug-ins :Chinese
First , Let's click on the icon on the picture


And then the search “Chinese”, enter

Two options will pop up , There are simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese , Just choose the plug-in that suits you according to your needs
The rest of the plug-ins are for you to explore , After all, there are many ~
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