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Explore the store | new architecture blessing, performance and safety. This style is super personality_ Integra_ Honda_ platform

2022-04-29 18:42:01Sohu auto new car

The original title : Explore the shop | New architecture blessing , Performance safety with two hands , This style is super personality !

2021 year 12 month 16 Japan , Guangzhou Honda Integra Style , To meet you formally .

Review of history , since 1985 Early generation Integra After the release , Long 22 In a matter of years ,Integra Has been advertised as 「 Prodigy overlord 」 , rely on VTEC Chassis calibration of engine and hard core , Countless gains JDM Powder support . But the great depression in Japan at the end of the 20th century , It has seriously frustrated Japan's domestic market . Emphasize the importance of sports adjustment Integra, The impact is deeper . Hold on to 2006 year ,Integra Myth , Also officially pulled the curtain .

therefore , When GAC Honda Integra Return to , After the Chinese name is determined by type , What we care about most is , At present A Class car market is generally based on household adjustment , The sports gene of GAC Honda style , To what extent will it be retained ? Between sports and home , How does GAC Honda achieve balance ? With this question , We came to the local GAC Honda 4S The store had a good experience with this car .

Building a new architecture , performance DNA Engraved in the bottom

Before we talk about this car , We have to learn about , Platform production .

Following Ford T After the introduction of the architecture , Platform based production , It has become an indispensable car making process for the main engine factory at this stage , It represents the top technology crystallization of major automobile enterprises . most important of all , Platform production can also further amplify the traditional advantages of the brand itself .

such as , Toyota TNGA The models , Focus on lightweight 、 fuel-efficient ; audi MLB, Longitudinal 4WD , Chassis texture ; BMW CLAR, Rear drive layout , Body counterweight ; Honda's latest Honda Architecture, It is to pour into Honda's advanced design concept of global car making 、 Manufacturing process and manufacturing benchmark , Further improve the whole vehicle product strength of each model .

To 2025 year ,Honda Architecture The platform will cover two-thirds of Honda's car lines , If you decide on this Honda Architecture If it's an ordinary household car production platform , That would be a big mistake .

Look closer , Recently launched Acura Integra, Integrate the driving texture with the absolutely excellent handling performance , It is also based on this platform .

Look far away , A new generation of Civic Type-R, Drive at the top speed in newnorth , It is expected to break the lap speed record again , It will also be built based on this platform .Honda Architecture The potential of 、 The upper limit , Is predictable , Absolutely excellent performance , It's also engraved in Honda's bones DNA.

Sporty look , Personalized publicity

Enough of that A The first-class sedan car market is domineering 、 After the design with too much force , See the lattice again , It's like a fresh and handsome boy next door , Everything is just right .

Different from the family design of hitting the face , The front and back bars of the lattice 、 Lamp group part , All adopt a new shape , It not only creates a low visual feeling , It also widens the visual width of the front of the car , Don't deliberately decorate , Higher recognition .

The combination of more slender lamp group and blackened honeycomb grille , It widens the visual width of the front of the car , For the sake of integrity , The lattice only retains the necessary heat dissipation port design under the front bar , The encirclement on both sides is also cancelled , There is no need to join the fog lamp , The beauty of this wholeness , Far greater than the visual impact of complex surrounding .

The lower posture matches with the straight waist line , The side view is very slender , Even without large wheels , It can also clearly express the sense of volume of the footwall , What's more? , Style lattice is also used in high configuration models 18 Inch cut hub , Bring better visual senses .

after 45°, The most recognizable angle of view is . Slightly cocked duckling tail , With the boomerang LED Tail lights , Outline the sharp tail shape , Bilateral single exhaust is also just right , Not too much publicity , It also ensures a balanced beauty .

The interior adopts Honda's latest design style , Transverse honeycomb air outlet , It's not so much a personalized air outlet , It's more like the dividing line between technology and inheritance , Above is the sense of science and technology created by liquid crystal instrument and suspended central control screen , Below is the sense of security brought by a large number of physical keys , All keys are evenly arranged together , It perfectly interprets... In Oriental design aesthetics 「 Balance 」 beautiful .

The use of card keys , It also conforms to the needs of young people today 「 Minimalist and practical 」 idea , Fit in with the positioning of fashion running .

Functional configuration ,12 The speaker BOSE sound , These configurations that would only appear on high-end car options before , The style is generous and complete for you , Let every seat experience the live version of the concert hall .

in addition to ,Honda CONNECT 3.0 Intelligent guidance interconnection system , The core of style is . Among them AI Intelligent voice assistant , Adopt anthropomorphic communication , Improve intimacy and communication efficiency , Let you operate the car more naturally and easily , It can also realize car home interconnection through tmall spirit , Turn on the home air conditioner in advance 、 Turn on the sweeping robot 、 Turn on the TV and other functions , 「 people - vehicle - home 」 life , It only takes one sentence to achieve .

manual ≠ With low , Challenge peers MT The most complete configuration

today , In the context of global consumption upgrading , Major car companies have abandoned the allocation of manual transmission , Even many low-end models with tens of thousands of yuan , The manual gears are also all controlled by CVT The transmission replaces . Price range and product type reference , Its manual gear is equipped with , Obviously not to lower the price range .

The advantages of manual gear , In addition to higher fuel economy , The most important , Or greater torque bearing range and arbitrary speed control power , No matter how clever TCU Shift logic , It's not as good as a driver's judgment !

manual , It is a necessary element of the integration of people and vehicles .

Shorter shift travel 、 Clear gear shift 、 Silky oil separation fit , Whether you've been in manual gear before or not , The complete set of manual shift system of the lattice , You will experience the fun of manual driving .

Smooth and clear shifting action , What's more, it's your motivation to enjoy it !

Active and passive safety double checks , If you can prevent it, you can enjoy it

At the end of the day , performance 、 The advantages of control , And rich scientific and technological configuration , It can only be the added value of family cars , Lord 、 Passive security , That's what consumers should pay most attention to .

All styles are standard 10 airbag , This practice is in the passenger car market , No doubt irrational , But it is this irrational approach , It shows the bottom line of GAC Honda's passive safety , The last safety protection for consumers , The lattice does not need 「 Differentiation 」.

Active safety , The lattice is equipped with Honda sensing A sense of security , Equipped with active brake 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Reverse vehicle side warning and other functions , The first line of defense for the safety of personnel in the vehicle , Let alone relax .

The use of the new platform , It not only brings better handling and lightweight to the style , The whole body is rigid , Also achieved a breakthrough improvement .

vehicle A、B column 、 The threshold 、 Roof front cross member , All adopt 1500MPa Hot formed steel , Proportion is as high as 10.6%, These impact points that do not need to produce collapse areas , Be sure to use the highest tensile strength . At the longitudinal beam and skeleton , It also uses 980Mpa Hot formed steel , The proportion has reached 24.5%, It is also a very high safety standard in the industry .

With a large number of aluminum materials and high tension steel , It not only brings high-strength body structure to the lattice , Better dynamic response , Increase torsional rigidity 8%, Bending rigid lifting 13%.

Although domestic C-NCAP There is no safety crash test for the type , But it can be concluded that , The style of learning excellence in all subjects , I'm fully confident of facing this test .


Many people like AMD Of CPU, Because it has stronger overclocking ability , What you buy may be 3.5G frequency CPU, But if you're skilled , Exceed to 5G No problem . And GAC Honda style , The same is true . Its factory settings , It's an excellent family car . But at the same time , It also has excellent refitting Foundation . If you have technology 、 Capable and willing to toss , So it's in your hand , Will become envious of others 「 character 」 vehicle . Return to Sohu , To view more

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