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Sports kit blessing / replacement of four cylinder engine Chevrolet chuangku RS live shooting analysis_ Aspect_ Display screen_ Complete vehicle

2022-04-29 18:42:24Sohu auto new car

The original title : Sports kit blessing / Replace the four cylinder engine Chevy makes cool RS Real shooting analysis

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If you look closely at the mini cars and A Class car market , You will obviously find that almost all auto manufacturers are working in the same direction , That is youth . For the current young Chinese consumers , In the past, those models that only focused on functionality and gave up personalization , Obviously, you can't add luster to your overall temperament in this era of changing trends . So we can see that traditional and conservative Japanese cars have begun to provide sports kits , As a small American family SUV One of the representative models of , Chuangku RS Also came into being in such a market wave . Compared with the old model , New chuangku RS Have a sharper sports kit , And the brand new 1.5T Four cylinder engine , Will it be a new choice for young people ?

Blackening kit gives the whole vehicle a strong sense of movement

In terms of the overall design language , Chuangku RS Compared with the old model, the change is not significant , But the new addition RS The kit still makes it obviously different from the old model .

Front part , The blackened three-dimensional double air inlet grille has a larger opening area , Create a strong visual impact ; At the same time, the design and application of honeycomb three-dimensional grid RS The fusion of exclusive bright red logo , Match with the blackened front shovel at the top and bottom , Make your front face more aggressive .

There are obvious protrusions on the hood “U” Streamline modeling , According to the official introduction of Chevrolet , It not only creates a strong three-dimensional feeling, but also reduces wind resistance .

Headlights , Chuangku RS Adopt all LED The light source , The passing beam consists of 5 High power LED、 High beam by 4 High power LED The lamp beads are composed of , Effectively increase the lighting range to 700lm to 1000lm.

Come to the side of the car , The smooth and sharp waistline runs through the whole side of the car , Let the vehicle design have a good sense of integration .

The blackened aluminum alloy luggage rack on the roof echoes the blackening treatment of the whole vehicle , Let the sports breath take a higher level .

Tyre ,17 INCH SILVER BLACK two-color wheel rim brings more sense of movement to the whole vehicle , In terms of tires, Bridgestone's calm series is adopted , Size is 215/55 R17.

The rear side ,RS The logo is still in an eye-catching position , Always remind you of the sports properties of this car . The small orange and black tail above, although the actual aerodynamic effect is negligible , But psychological horsepower can be directly added to 5 horse .

double 10.25 Inch screen , The use experience has improved significantly

This time, chuangku RS The biggest upgrade in the interior is this double 10.25 Inch screen ,1920*720 The resolution display effect is not exquisite , But the victory is fluency .

The most worth mentioning is chuangku RS Equipped with a new light snow OS Intelligent car coupling system , Compared with the super retro of the old GM machine UI Design , This time light snow OS Intelligent car coupling system, no matter in UI Both design and use experience have been greatly improved , Still support remote OTA And applet download , And wireless CarPlay The addition of is bound to further improve the convenience of use .

Vehicle voice system , Baidu online hybrid speech recognition scheme is adopted , The navigation system is also provided by Baidu , The biggest advantage of this system is very localization , Basically the same as Baidu we use on mobile phones APP Almost the same in function , The overall experience belongs to the upper middle level .

Besides , Chuangku RS There is also a built-in driving information display interface in the system , In this interface, the vehicle can be displayed in real time G value 、 Turbine pressure 、 Throttle opening and other information , Let's not talk about the accuracy of the actual data , But just open this interface when driving friends , loading X Properties can be directly filled .

Other areas of the central control part basically follow the old design , Roll to the driver 9 The center console with a degree creates a better driving atmosphere .

In the touchable part , Chuangku RS Basically all adopt PVC Soft bag material , This greatly improves the touch in the car , The red stitches that can be seen everywhere are also rendering the movement breath in the car all the time .

The upgrade of the gear lever is commendable , Officials call this lever racing parallel putter , Bright gray top with red RS identification , Just looking at it makes people feel very happy .

In terms of seats , Chuangku RS It also maintains the integrity of the whole vehicle sports atmosphere ,RS The logo still appears in the position of the backrest . The comfort of the front seats is OK , However, the relatively flat and thin seat padding in the rear row makes the comfort of the rear row still need to be improved .

Regular spatial expression

Body size , Chuangku RS The length, width and height are respectively 4270/1791/1610mm, The wheelbase is 2570mm, The overall spatial performance is regular .

height 175cm The experimenter adjusts the front seat to the right position , Left a punch on the head , Good performance .

Keep the front row still , The experimenter comes to the back , There is plenty of legroom for four fingers , Head space is left with three fingers , This achievement is not excellent , Height over 180cm Passengers are bound to feel cramped again , However, the huge panoramic skylight can alleviate the limitation of head space to a certain extent .

There is a slight bulge on the middle platform of the rear row , However, it will not affect the experience of intermediate passengers .

In terms of rear compartment space , Chuangku RS The back row of the can be completely put down , Although it can't be completely flattened, it doesn't affect the storage capacity . Under the rear compartment , Chuangku RS A spare tire is also available , Compared with those luxury brands that only provide tire fluid, they still have a lot of conscience .

The appearance of sports needs a strong engine

motivation , Chuangku RS The whole system is equipped with the eighth generation Ecotec new 1.5T Four cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine +CVT Intelligent continuously variable transmission , The most powerful 135kW/5500rpm, Maximum torque 250N·m/1500-5000rpm, Officials say 100 km acceleration 7.8 second . The specific performance of this engine can refer to Willan, which is also equipped with this powertrain Pro, For the detailed test drive experience in the future, please continue to pay attention to Sohu car .

Said at the end :

Sports package + Four cylinder engine + Double screen , Chuangku RS It can be said that each of the three most significant upgrades is trying to cater to Chinese consumers . But standing on 2022 At this time point of year , In fact, such models are no longer scarce in the current Chinese market , How to start chuangku RS The popularity of this model and even the whole Chevrolet brand may be an urgent problem to be solved in the future .

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