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5.1 fear of traffic jam? With a budget of less than 100000, these cars with adaptive cruise make it easy for you to travel

2022-04-29 18:55:49Car road

5·1 What are you most afraid of during the small and long vacation ? Of course it's a traffic jam ! Because the high-speed is free , Many small partners will choose to get on the highway at this time , So congestion is inevitable . Now , Full speed adaptive cruise function (ACC) You can experience the advantages of , Automatically follow and stop in traffic jam , Automatic endurance when unblocked , Let you free your feet 、5·1 Easy travel ! I don't say much nonsense , Direct recommendation 4 A model with adaptive endurance ,10 About 10000 can win , The cheapest one is less than 9 ten thousand !

roewe i5 1.5L Obsidian version

The guided :8.99 Ten thousand yuan

roewe i5 Yes 1.5L and 1.5T Two versions , Both versions of the top configuration models are equipped with full speed adaptive cruise control , Priced at 8.99 Ten thousand yuan 、9.99 Ten thousand yuan . you 're right , All in 10 All within ! Today's recommendation is Rongwei i5 1.5L The Obsidian version is almost what you can buy 、 The cheapest one comes with ACC A functional car .

except ACC Outside , Other configurations of this car are not low , Tire pressure display 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、 Lane keep 、 Take the initiative to brake 、360 Panoramic images and so on .

motivation , It carries 1.5L Maximum engine horsepower 120 horse , Not very strong , But daily travel is enough , With the famous for smoothness CVT transmission , Very suitable for home .

baojun Valli 1.5T Premium Edition

The guided :9.98 Ten thousand yuan

baojun Valli It's a station wagon , The main focus is travel comfort . Its possession 4685mm And 2700mm The wheelbase , There's nothing to say about space , Station wagon “ big ass ” The shape makes its trunk can also hold , It's very suitable for a family to go out and play .

Valli share 4 Models , Both top configuration and secondary top configuration are equipped with ACC function , Recommended here 1.5T The premium version is its second top model , The price is lower than the top configuration 6000 element , But the configuration is not much worse , It is the most cost-effective model .

motivation , baojun Valli Pick up the 1.5T The engine has 147 horsepower , Peak torque up to 250N·m, What matches it is a CVT transmission .

Escaping PLUS 1.4T Flagship Edition

The guided :10.39 Ten thousand yuan

Yidong is also a classic model in the independent sedan market , Both sales volume and reputation are very good . Of course , This is due to its excellent product power .

Back to what we said ACC The function , Escaping PLUS Only top models are equipped with this function , Pricing for 10.39 Ten thousand yuan . Since it's the top model , The configuration is basically full : Panoramic sunroof 、360 Degree panoramic image 、L2 Intelligent driving assistant system 、10.25 Inch center control large screen + Full LCD dashboard, etc , The configuration is absolutely worthy of its price .

motivation , Escaping PLUS This one 1.4T Maximum engine horsepower 160 horse , A lot more power 1.5T Still stronger , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . If you're a little more motivated , Consider this car .

emgrand S 1.4T Noble type

The guided :9.99 Ten thousand yuan

Said three cars , Finally, I will recommend one for you SUV—— Geely emgrand S. It can be seen from its appearance design , This is a major sports route SUV, Fashionable modeling design is full of sports breath , It is more suitable for young consumers .

emgrand S 1.4T Noble type 、 That is, the second top configuration is equipped with ACC function , The price is 9.99 Ten thousand yuan , It's cheaper than the top matching 9000 element , But in the configuration, only the head air curtain and L2 Intelligent driving assistance . Relatively speaking, the cost performance will be higher , Therefore, it is recommended to buy a top matching .

motivation ,1.4T Maximum engine horsepower 141 horse , It's the level of the middle distance of the middle gauge , The match is a CVT transmission .

The budget 10 All around , What do you think of the above 4 Which car is the most worth starting with ?

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